Facts You Should Know About Penis Enlargement

1. What is the Most Popular Method Right Now?

Well, I guess you already know... The most popular product men buy for solving their size issies is a penis pill. There are plenty of brand names to choose from, however, to find one that will do the job is very tricky.

Did you ever attend a pharmacy trade show? 100% of manufacturers say their products increase penis size, but they remain silent regarding whose penis they are talking about...

However, not all pills are bad. We keep this website for more than 5 years now and can say that there are some clinically proven and effective products available that will improve your penis size in given time and also, let's call it "side effects", increase erection quality and super charge your sex drive.

The three names below are sold like hot cakes year after year. Only one thing has recently changed and this is the fact that more and more regular guys use these herbal supplements instead of over-priced prescription drugs.

To sum up, the best enlargement pills on the market today are:

- VigRX Plus - high quality brand based on improved VigRX formula, our top choice for penis enhancement, rock hard erection and porn star perfomance in bed. Read more.

- Vimax pills - proven by time quality, most popular supplement of 2013. Read more details here.

- ProSolution pills - unique formula and great bonuses, see our review here.

Penis enlargement supplements are long term solutions to having a bigger penis. The effects of taking these pills will last even after you stop taking them. Also, we strongly recommend using penis exercise materials received with your order.


 Vimax Pills

 VigRX Plus

ProSolution Pill

 Reputation   Excellent



 Quality   High



 Guarantee   60 days

 67 days

 67 days

 Cost  Very good


 Very good

 Bonuses   Average

 up to $210

 Great, up to $400

 Shipping   Not included



 Price per bottle,
 1 month supply



 Price per bottle,
 3 month supply



 Price per bottle,
 6 month supply



 Price per bottle,
 1 year supply




Read more....

 Read more....






2. How Does It Work?

Yea, we know that every man and his dog want to know exactly how these magic pills work. Basically, a male penis is made up of three main chambers. One small chamber called the Corpus Spongiosum is located at the bottom and used to urinate and ejaculate. Two large chambers called the Corpora or Corpus Cavernosa are found at the top.

When a male is sexually aroused, his brain produces a hormone causing blood to rush into the penis and fill the erectile tissue i.e. Corpora Cavernosa. The cells in the Corpora Cavernosa are filled with blood until the full erection is achieved; this way you got a bigger penis. Can we control the blood flow in erectile tissues to increase the size even more?

The enlargement pills we review here will increase the capacity limit of your Corpora Cavernosa allowing more blood to enter your penis. This way your body will produce more cells withing Corpora Cavernosa itself; so even more blood will enter the penis making it larger over time and ensuring more intense erections.

3. Which One is Best of the Best?

The penis enlargement marketplace has become huge over the last few years with so many guys trying to find a way to grow a bigger manhood. This is because a lot of men realize the potential that these penis pills and other popular penile enlargement products can do for your size and sexual confidence.

Most men before ordering a penis enhancement supplement ask the same question: what product should we buy and which one can benefit us?

So, if you want to grow your penis, make it wider and fatter then we recommend supplements from Vimax. The reason for the Vimax being so popular is due to the fact that it is one of the most affordable “real” dick enlargement capsules available on the internet today.

But if your primary goal is to develop rock hard erections, improve the intensity of your orgasms and at the same time increase your penis size, we suggest you to check out VigRX Plus supplements. This product has been used to help thousands of men to act like a porn star in bed and get a bigger manhood.


4. What is the Quickest Way To Get a Bigger, More Powerful Penis?

Concerning millions of adult males worldwide who desire to improve their manhood, they will not easily stop unless they discover the best penis enlargement solution available. Nowadays, the industry of male enhancement products continues to increase because of the huge demand. As an example, watch this video about the latest development:

To learn more about this water based penis pump, please visit Penomet website

Today the market is offering numerous items and products to meet the satisfaction of every man. One of the most popular options now includes the Vimax cock growth solutions that include penis pills and an extender. Many men believe that this is still the best product to choose from because it is safe and proven effective already.

Although you may discover numerous available products out there promising great results, the Vimax pills are probably incomparable.

It is important to understand the difference of this impressive option against its counterparts in helping most men achieve the results they want.

Furthermore, you need to learn the exact reasons on why this product remains undisputed when we talk about male enlargement products.

Because of the herbal ingredients they use in producing these Vimax pills, they provide men a superb boost to increase blood flow to their genitals very safely and to improve the size of the penis over time.

You can actually compare the results if you decide to use some kind of penis rings, pulleys, weights, pumps, patches and even surgical procedures.

Remember that you cannot regain your confidence once you choose the wrong product and reveals undesirable results. Not only these alternatives are inefficient, they can trigger serious health threats. With this, you really need to find a product that is natural, herbal-based and safe when trying to increase the size of your penis.

Another important factor to consider when searching for the best penis enhancement is to determine the exact results you get. Always remember that when taking penis enlargement pills to improve your penis, you need to consider the overall results not only in a particular area.

The enlargement of the penis is not just focusing on the length, thus it must improve the girth and strength. Unfortunately, if you are trying to use incompetent products, you may never achieve the exact results you want. It is very important to spend your money buying reliable product like the Vimax cock growth solutions.

To illustrate the some of the disadvantages of unreliable options include undergoing to normal penis enlargement operation does not offer the same results when using a quality male enhancement product like Vimax extender. Regardless of the latest innovation, the surgeons may not offer great satisfaction after completing the surgeries.

On the other hand, Vimax extender is capable of increasing both the girth and length of the penis. This likewise provide superb erection that last longer.

You can actually get a 60-day deal and if you think you are not satisfied with the results, the company will be ready to return your money. Fortunately, there are only few cases involving this matter.

One more crucial factor to look at involves the actual cost. Definitely, if you choose to undergo surgical procedures, it will cost you an arm and a leg. But, if you don't have money or don't wish to invest in your penis development, there are some proven exercise available for free! Get our free ebook to start increasing your size today.

At the same time, no surgeon will guarantee you the results and satisfaction you're looking for. However, when most of guys use traction based devices they spend less and achieve the result they're proud of.

The kind of growth that most men obtained from utilizing Vimax extender or pills plus exercise ensures permanent results. For instance, if your penis is about 5 inches long and 3 inches girth, using these impressive products helps to improve the penis and end up having an 8-9 inches length and 4-5 inches girth.

Not to mention the satisfaction it provides in bed with your partner if you regularly take Vimax pills. Therefore, we hope you understand why this excellent male enhancement system rated as the number one brand.


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