22 Interesting and Surprising Facts About Female Sexuality

Female sexuality and sexual behavior is fascinatingly complex. Until relatively recently, it was a taboo subject that was seldom openly discussed. As a result, the following 22 facts are not widely publicized or known. However, they have much to teach us about our partners and ourselves.

1) It takes most women around twenty minutes to become properly aroused (compared to the four or five minutes that it takes most men).

2) When a woman is close to orgasm, her vagina decreases in size by around 30%.

3) In spite of common ideas to the contrary, around a third of women older than 80 will claim to still engage in sex with their husband or boyfriend.

4) Historical research has revealed that women were trying to find methods to prevent pregnancy as far back as 1850 B.C., when they would try mixing honey with crocodile stools to create a paste that was placed inside the vagina.

5) Studies show that the most likely time for a woman to cheat on her partner is during the ovulation phase of her cycle (when she is most fertile).

6) Investigations into sexuality suggest that around 65% of women masturbate at least occasionally.

7) The clitoris contains around eight thousand nerve fibers (which is twice as many as there are in the penis).

sexually interested woman

8) One study discovered that around 48% of women have faked having an orgasm at least once in their sexual history.

9) Around twelve years ago, a mere 25% of women claimed to have ever had an orgasm during sexual intercourse. In recent times, around 35-40% women have reported having orgasms during intercourse.

It is unclear whether dishonesty is a factor in either figure, or whether women have become more insistent about their own satisfaction (in conjunction with men becoming more interested in whether their partner has an orgasm).

10) Headaches can be dulled or entirely cured by the female orgasm in some cases. When women orgasm, the endorphins produced by their bodies are strong enough to have a substantial impact on any pain they were feeling.

11) For most women, the time at which the sex drive is highest is just before the menstrual period.

12) When the vibrator was first designed in the 19th century, the goal was to use it to counteract the symptoms of ‘hysteria’ that women experienced around the time of their period.

13) Most women can have an orgasm within four or five minutes of masturbation, while it tends to take up to twenty minutes during intercourse (if it happens at all).

14) Around 80% of women claim to have had at least one orgasm via oral sex.

15) Research suggests that around 28% of women will admit that they felt pressured into having their first sexual experience.

16) After giving birth, female labia minora change to a darker shade.

17) Around 30% of women say that they wish they had sex more frequently.

18) Women are statistically more likely to have an orgasm as a result of masturbation than as a result of intercourse.

19) Around 30% of women report that they usually swallow after giving oral sex.

20) Merkins were originally designed to be pubic wigs in the 15th century, when prostitutes wore them to conceal symptoms of syphilis and hide the appearance of pubic lice.

21) The age group comprised of women aged forty and above is the one that most readily admits to masturbating (though it is difficult to tell whether this means that women over forty are more likely to masturbate or just that they are more likely to openly admit to it).

22) Around 47% of women say that they own a vibrator.

Now that studying and discussing female sexuality has become much more commonplace, it is likely that more facts like the above will emerge to surprise and intrigue us. It is also likely that some of the figures mentioned here are somewhat skewed by hesitancy to admit to certain facts about sexuality.

Future studies will probably show changes in the statistics listed here, given that people are becoming steadily more frank and open about their sexual preferences and behaviors.

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