Alternative Methods to Penis Enhancement

Pills arn't the only way to enhance your penis. Penis traction devices like Vimax extender, exercise programmes are all methods of enlarging your penis permanently.

In fact by combining the enhancement supplements with other methods, such as exercises or devices, you can speed up your penis enlargement by a whopping 58%!

A lot of men choose ProExtender instead of expensive surgery. The maker offers amazing bonuses (free penis exercise to speed up gains further still, enhancement pills, support).

The BEST alternate method of penis enlargement available!

You will find a lot of males who will do a lot of research into the different variety of products available before they buy anything, whereas others will just buy the first thing that they see without knowing the advantages, disadvantages and effects of the product they are buying.

Many men are finding products that have never being heard of by many and trying to find out which is better, and also why we find that many customers don’t know the difference between so-called penis enlargement pills and penis patches.

We are going to use two very effective and highly rated penis enhancement products, the ProSolution pill and ProEnhance patch. ProSolution pill is, as the name suggests, is the penis enlargement pill, and ProEnhance patch is a mixed herbal penis patch that you can attach to your skin.

a penis patch imageThere is a big difference between these products. The products both deliver good, quality results to you in different forms. Both products have little to no distinction in their effect on the penis.

You get people who say that one is better than the other but it is clinically proven that both do an effective job.

The ProSolution pills work by taking a small pill that will reach your stomach and dissolve. As your stomach acid rips the pill apart the substance will go past your liver and into your main blood stream, and this is when the pill starts to do its main job.

The penis patch works in a completely different way to the penis enlargement pills. It works by passing its substance through a male’s skin and into the blood vessels.

This process is considered quicker than taking a penis enlargment pill as the dissolving period is cut out and the substance bypasses the liver.

An advantage of the penis patches is that they need only to be changed every two or three days rather than one day unlike the penis enhancement pills that need to be taken once or two a day. This is one of the main advantages for the penis patch over the ProSolution pill.

The decision of choosing which of these two products you should use is a hard one but rest assured that both work and both are as effective as each other.

This then leads you to decide which you would prefer, a pill that you have to take daily or a patch that you can swap over every two or three days.

The only thing you have to remember is that you have to be sure which product you think you will prefer to use rather than order one and regret it when it arrives.

Never buy a product that will not work, or that could end up to be bad for your health, there are plenty out there, that is one of the reasons we are taking the time to review the major methods and products the male enlargement market has to offer.

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