Articles and Tips on Sexual Health

"Sex is one of the nine reasons for reincarnation. The other eight are unimportant".
George Burns

  • Facts You Didn’t Know About Human Sexuality
    Given that it was taboo to discuss intimate sexual behaviors and desires until relatively recently, we are only just beginning to discover some of the most interesting things about human sexuality.
  • Did You Have Sex in Strange Places?
    Did you ever try to have sex outside the bedroom? If not, think about it. Sex in "strange places" can really boost your relationships.
  • Looking for Methods to Improve Your Sexual Performance?
    Are you trying to find ways to have better sexual performance in your life? If so, then penis enhancement supplements may offer an approach.
  • Ways to Make Sex Life More Interesting
    There are secrets to exciting sex life. In this article we will give your a few tips to make your sexual activity more interesting.
  • Best Male Sexual Enhancement Pills
    Male sexual enhancement pills are very popular amongst men around the world. These supplements are highly efficient to increase the penis blood flow and cause a rock hard erection.
  • Busting Myths About Foods For Natural Male Enhancement
    One of the most interesting ways of increasing sexual performance is to use food for male enhancement.
  • Our Hot Tips to Help Make Married Sex Life Spicy Again
    Many married couples are resigned to the idea that being together for a long time means that their sexual desire and satisfaction will gradually wane. However, married sex does not have to be this way. Discover eight ways to help recover the lost sexual spark in your marriage, and learn how to excite and be excited by your spouse once again.
  • The Threesome History - An Appeal With Penis Size Evolution
    The reasons behind our sexual fantasies aren't discussed as the fantasies themselves. But an examination of our evolutionary development shows clearly why many of us, particularly men, have a preferance for threesomes.
  • Penis Size and Sex Life
    Are penis size and successful sex life connected? Recent studies have shown that the men with bigger penis size have more sex and more women.
  • Why is my husband not interested in sex?
    More and more women ask the same question: why is my husband is not interested in me sexually? There are reasons to be discussed.
  • Importance of Male Orgasms
    Most people don't know that making sex give us great health benefits. Sexual activity ensures a lower death rate and heart attack risk, so male orgasms give not only pleasure.
  • Reasons and Treatments of Erectile Dysfunction
    In order to solve your erectile dysfunction problem, you need to understand how an erection happens. First of all, you need to increase blood flow to your penis...
  • Herbal Pills to Stop Premature Ejaculation
    If a man can't last longer than for 2 minutes, doctors say he has premature ejaculation problem. What can I do to get rid of this condition?
  • Need an Instant Erection?
    The herbal penis pills can trigger nearly the instant erection in most cases, however, based on the reviews, a male enhancement cream like Maxoderm can do the job even faster.
  • Sexual Enhancement Gels For Men
    What is a sexual enhancement gel for male and how does it work? In this article we will discuss all the benefits of using erection creams.
  • Ways to Get Harder Erection
    Is it possible to enlarge my penis and get harder erections at the same time? Let's take a look at various penile enlargement programs to see the main principles.
  • Solutions For Low Libido In Men
    A lack of libido is a common problem men experience today. In order to improve your sexual life we recommend reading some reviews on herbal male enhancement supplements.
  • Low Libido in Women and Treatment Methods
    What do men think about the low libido in women? How to fight anorgasmia and what you really need to boost your sexual life?
  • Supplements to Increase Penis Blood Flow
    That's simple: when a man get an erection, there is an increase in penile blood flow. As the spongy tissues become filled with blood, they get larger and harder.
  • How to Overcome Sexual Dysfunction In Men
    Sexual Dysfunction In Men Is a Very Common Problem, Often Requiring the Assistance Of a Weak Erection Remedies.
  • The Most Surprising Facts About Female Sexuality
    The discussion of female sexuality was relatively taboo until quite recently. Learn 22 fascinating facts about female sexual behavior, including sex drive, orgasms and masturbating habits.
  • Tips On How to Avoid Premature Ejaculation
    Are you simply tired of apologizing for your sexual performance? If so, then learn how to avoid premature ejaculation.
  • Our List of Products That Are Considered as Natural Aphrodisiacs
    Upwards of 3 in 10 women and 1 in 6 men have a low libido. Instead of popping prescription erection pills, men and women can use herbs and other products to stimulate arousal. There is some evidence that a few herbs really do possess aphrodisiac properties. Women can also benefit from products including arousal liquids, bath oils and scented soaps.
  • Male Enhancement Products For Happy Sex Life
    Sexual activity is one of the most important aspects for men. However, many guys are still shy to use herbal male enhancement products in order to boost thier sex life.
  • How to Become More Horny? Tips to Improve Libido and Sexuality
    Many men would like to know how to get more horny, but the quickest way is to use some proven herbal supplements.


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