Male Enhancement Herbs: A Quick Look At the Facts

It really is a temptation to talk to your doctor about erectily dysfunction (ED), so he can write you something blue. Of course, the stigma attached to these medications is that if you won’t those kinds of results, you have to open up your body to unnatural and sometimes dangerous substances.

If you have ever looked at the list of possible side effects for some of these prescription medications, you might find that this may not be something you want inside your body.

So, what are the alternatives? Is there truly a way to increase your performance and stamina in bed, but at the same time, avoiding dangerous prescriptions and the hassle to get an appointment? The answer is, yes. In fact, male enhancement herbs are quite readily available.

Herbs To Know

korean ginseng root pictureThere are a lot of botanicals for better sexual performance, but the key is to find the best male enhancement herbs. For instance, did you know that even Ginseng would improve your sexual abilities?

The reason that this is often included in male enhancement herbs is because Ginseng has sensory awareness properties, and can even assist with better arousal.

So, if you drink green tea with Ginseng, then you will actually perform better in bed. However, this herb in particular does not target the necessary parts and systems of the body to optimize sexual ability. So, what are some herbs that can actually help?


L-Arginine is not necessarily a naturally occurring compound like certain herbs, but it is developed from naturally occurring substances. What makes this one of the best male enhancement herbs is because it is used to optimize blood flow to the penis.

It’s long been known that it requires a healthy and abundant supply of blood circulation to the penis in order to achieve a lasting erection. In addition to that, a good supply of blood will allow for more muscle control over the urethral reflexes that have a huge influence on your ability to stave off an ejaculation.

Horny Goat Weed

This is perhaps one of the oldest known, most used, and most underrated of all male enhancement herbs. It is not totally known what gives Horny Goat Weed its sexual desire and performance enhancing properties, but centuries of use will tell us that it is definitely effective.

For years, it was used as the “secret weapon” in the porn industry, and it is surprisingly cheap. While it does have certain limitations, it also carries the capacity to be combined with other herbs. This is perhaps one of the biggest reasons as to why it is on the best male enhancement herbs list.

What Supplements Contain These?

If you are looking for perhaps the most powerful blend of male enhancement herbs, then you should check out Vimax and VigRX Plus pills.

Vimax is the less expensive of the two, but this contains the second most advanced and effective cocktail of natural and herbal male enhancement compounds. Not only does it contain Horny Goat Weed and L-Arginine, but it also contains a measure of both Gingko and Ginseng.

VigRX Plus is more expensive, but it goes one step further, offering Bioperine. This compound actually contributes to better absorption and upping the production of semen.

Any sexologist will tell you that in order to create a more intense orgasm in males, there needs to be more semen. When there is too little semen, then orgasms don’t feel as good, due to a lack in sympathetic reflexes of the prostate.

These two supplements should be your starting point if you are hoping to find good, consistent, safe, and effective mixes of the best male enhancement herbs.

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