Best Volume Pills - Choosing a Semen Enhancer

If you are looking to increase the amount of semen that you produce so that you can have longer ejaculations then what you are looking for is the best volume pills on the market.

Volume or semen enhancement pills are produced to increase the amount of semen and also help you to last longer in bed.
Our best recommendation is Performer5 pills that have been voted the best volume pill when compare with other brands and the reason is that they give quicker, bigger and more impressive results. The ingredients in the Performer5 supplement also give you harder stronger erections and they also improve your sexual performance.

One of the main ingredients used in Performer5 pills is pomegranate and this has been called natures natural Viagra. Studies have shown that this super fruit help to maintain the health of your blood vessels which means that more blood will be able to flow into your penis giving your harder and bigger erections.

When it comes to the best ejaculation pills, Performer5 at the moment is one of the most powerful ejaculation volume enhancing formulas available. With this unique product you will have rock hard erections, 5 times more ejaculation and experience mind blowing orgasms.

Besides Semenax, no other volume increaser can give you this.

How Do Volume Pills work?

When it comes to buy the male enhancement pills it is very important to know how they work. Performer5 supplement provides you body with the essential nutrients it needs.

Your body cannot produce quality orgasms and ejaculations if it doesn’t have the right nutrients in large quantities. The Performer 5 volume pills work as a dual system.

You get Vit5 which provides your body with the foundations and the essential nutrients that you need for intense ejaculation production.

Also, you get the unique Performer5 which is the supercharged male enhancement and ejaculation volume formula.

By combing these two products your body gets the exact nutrients in the exact quantities needed to improve your performance and turn your body into a sexual powerhouse. You will be able to achieve up to 5 times more ejaculation.

With all this extra semen, when you orgasm your penis muscles have to contract even harder and for longer to ensure that you unleash all your semen and this gives you an incredible intense orgasm every single time.

This will also have an effect on your sexual confidence and one your partner too. She is going to experience even more powerful orgasms too thanks to the power of your erections.

It's really easy to see why Performer 5 is one of the best volume pills around. If you want to perform like a porn star, increase your ejaculation volumes, expierence rock hard erections and mind blowing orgasms then consider trying Performer5 supplements.

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