Desensitizing Creams For Premature Ejaculation

Many men have a problem when having sex because of premature ejaculation. The problem is that the penis might sometimes be very sensitive and at even the slightest touch, semen is released without the intention or will of doing it. It is a condition that has been stereotypically claimed to affect first timers but many men who are sexually active have come out of the closet and confessed that they also suffer. To rid of this problem, various pharmaceutical companies have developed desensitizing creams.

Most men who have tried one or more cream can attest to the fact that some of them do work. The remaining that do not work are usually knock offs or ones manufactured using below standard procedures and materials.

Any one cream seeks to desensitize the penis and reduce chances of men ending the journey long before they even get started.

The tip of the penis is usually the biggest culprit and is even worse for the men who are uncircumcised. This is usually the reason that most men avoid foreplay in all ways possible so that they do not suffer the guilt associated with failing their sexual partners.

To even avoid looking like failures in front of their partners, some men have even been known to avoid any kind of sexual encounters by either staying distant from their partners or giving lame excuses for not having sex.

Desensitizing gels for premature ejaculation offer an end to all these problems, as the manufacturers claim. They are usually applied at the base and tip of the penis when someone is anticipating sexual intercourse. Some require that they be applied daily for a long lasting solution. The time it takes for them to work varies from one product to the other.

They are available in many drug stores and supermarkets. Shopping can also be done online ( but the purchase should be specifically made from the site of the manufacturer or a certified dealer website. This is meant to ensure that you get the real product and not fall prey to scams who sell people chemicals that can even harm them.

There are so many ingredients used to make desensitizing products for premature ejaculation. It is very important to check all the available ingredients in the cream before buying. This helps you rule out the ones that have ingredients that you are allergic to or ones that may pose a greater health risk. The manufacturers are protected against product liability claims from people who never read the instructions and ingredients before buying.

Before buying, it is also good to do some research on your to know the best performing product in the market. This saves money and time lost when trying out many of them to see if they work. Reading a few reviews before therefore always helps a great deal.

One can either ask about the best desensitizing creams or even supplements for premature ejaculation from friends or go online and check to see the feedback left by those who have used it.

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