Do Penis Pumps Work?

Have you been having troubles with staying erect in the bedroom? If you are, then there is no doubt that you are trying to be proactive by finding a solution stat! Well, if you are, then there are several devices and practices that you can do to cure the problem, but one device in particular keep floating to the top of that list.

That device is known as a vacuum penis pump. Of course, you do have to ask the question: do penis pumps work? To answer this question, you have to figure out exactly what they do to the male anatomy to get it to respond in a desirable way, and you also have to figure out why you need one.

What Are Penis Pumps?

In order to answer, “do penis pumps really work?”, it is important to figure out exactly how they are supposed to operate. Basically, penis pumps operate by fitting your penis into an airtight chamber. Now, this chamber can be either glass or plastic, but the point is that the chamber is airtight.

a penis pump imageNext, there is a pumping device (sort of like the ones you see on those manual blood pressure pumps at the doctor’s office), which proceeds to remove all the air from inside the chamber causing a vacuum.

This low-pressure system on the inside of the chamber causes the oxygenated blood, and all the oxygen that is currently in the cell tissues of the penis to expand. The expansion, in essence inflates the penis to the point where the erection that was currently being experienced is greatly intensified and now hard as a rock.

Now, does penis pumping work? Well, they are safe, as there really is no serious risk if you don’t use it completely incorrectly, or purposely cause yourself a hazardous situation. But, overall, they work for the right purposes.

The Reason For Needing One

If you need a penis pump for male enhancement, you have to ask, “What kind of male enhancement do you want?” If the answer is temporary, and that you only need a little nudge to get the “jet off the ground”, then penis pumps can be a perfect option instead of penis pills. Do vacuum pumps work on a permanent level? The answer there is “no”.

The reason for this is that the penis pump will cease working once the male member is removed from the inside of the chamber. The cells will go back to normal in mere seconds, but the erection will naturally last as long as you need it to.

The basic principal behind natural male enhancement is not merely having a stiff erection, but causing the anatomy of the penis to change, through doing something it would not normally do.

So, you may have a penis pump to get an erection, but that is all it will do because that will not cause micro tears and cell duplication that is necessary in order to actually increase the size of a body part.

So, to answer the question, does pumping work? The answer must be that they work if you need a quick, temporary fix. But, don’t look for permanent results with this device.


If you are wondering do penis pumps work or not, then the best answer to that question will be, “what are you using it for?” If you are using it for a temporary solution, then it makes an excellent companion, and one that your partner will love every time you have intense sex. But, if you are looking for something that will permanently fix your male enhancement problem, then that answer will be no, and you will need a better option like a penis extender.

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