Do Pheromones Work to Attract Women?

Do you know what pheromones are? They are actually the chemicals used by organisms to communicate with the other organisms in their environment. However, the specific pheromones that are used by insects are to attract the opposite sex. They are volatile and odorous at the same time. It's the main reason that it can attract the opposite sex.

a couple making love imageIn our opinion the effect of pheromones for men is mostly physiological. It simply means that the reactions can modulate sexual activity. Humans also have pheromones in their body and it's gender specific.

It means that the pheromones released by men can only attract women and the pheromones released by women can only attract men.

The best thing about this is that one can find a lot of products on the web that claims to have pheromones. However, the claims of most of them are only half true.

The claim of these companies is that their products can help men attract women directly. It means that once you used their product and the women smell it, there is a possibility that they will be attracted to you.

Actually, the pheromones don't literally attract the women to you. It's only an enhancement to the overall aura of a guy. It means that even though you're not too handsome, you can possibly attract girls.

However, mere smell cannot attract women. It's only a one way to enhance your looks to women. You also need other aspects together with it. A good example of this is when you want to talk to other girls. You need to approach them. There are women who are shy enough to approach men. Even if they're interested in you, they will not approach you that easily.

When it comes to looks, you need to also improve it. Don't be lousy when choosing your clothes. Pheromones don't do the entire job for you. It's only one way to improve your looks. Whenever you're going out, try to wear neat clothes.

Also, if a girl is decided on what she really wants, pheromones don't have the ability to change her opinion. If a girl said that she wants someone with a good job, then you can't change that even if you have a good aura.

Today, a lot of products are roaming around the market. There are topical creams, perfumes and shower gels that can be used to be more effective with women. However, the most dominant product in the market is the pheromone perfumes. It is already normal for men to use perfumes so they use it instead of gels and creams.

Always keep in mind that this perfume must not only be the only thing that you will consider. Also look at the other aspects before you go out. If you really want to attract a woman, have a friendly aura and always smile. Also, don't forget to use the perfume you like most.

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