Does Enzyte Work? A Look At Enzyte Male Enhancement Supplements

There are a lot of men out there wondering, “does Enzyte really work?” We’ve seen the commercials and professional marketing campaigns; they’ve even been able to get themselves national TV ad spots.

But the one question that almost every guy wants to know is, will Enzyte male enhancement work for me, what will it do, and are the changes permanent?

Well, to answer that question, you have to consider the definition of “male enhancement”. In most minds, “male enhancement” means that your manhood will increase in size.

After all, that’s what all the Enzyte male enhancement commercials seem to imply right? Unfortunately, a slick ad campaign isn’t necessarily going to provide the answers.

Where Enzyte Goes Wrong

Does Enzyte work? The answer is both, yes and no. Essentially, in order to really understand does Enzyte work or not, you have to read from the box or from their own company website. Simply looking at the commercials will imply that Enzyte male enhancement will permanently grow your penis.

This is not the case, unfortunately, as it is isn’t even claimed on their website as something that the supplement does. One of the most basic reasons why this is the case is because there are no ingredients and there is no system that will accommodate permanent and real penis growth. The “male enhancement” they are speaking about refers to your sexual performance.

What They Have Done Right

Because a lot of men want to know, does Enzyte truly work with permanent, true growth, many guys may be disappointed. But, lets take a look into what Enzyte male enhancement actually claims to do.

They say that these supplements will increase your performance and stamina, give you longer, harder erections, and reach peak sexual enhancement.

In fact, Enzyte male enhancement is very good at what they say. While they may not be one of the leaders in the “male enhancement” industry, referring to permanent manhood growth; they are in fact one of the leaders in enhancing the sexual performance for men.

The ingredients say it all: L-Arginine, Horny Goat Weed, Korean Ginseng, Tibulus, Terrestris Extract, and Gingko.

These ingredients have all been seen as aphrodisiacs, natural stimulants, and performance increasers for centuries. Enzyte male enhancement is excellent at what it is supposed to do.

Do not expect any permanent change with this supplement, and if you stop taking it, your performance will sink back down to where it was before.

Just read their own claims: Enzyte male enhancement will do what they say it will, and they will do it better than 90% of their competition. However, they will not increase your size, if that is what you are after.

A Different Approach

Of course, there is a way to get both aspects of “male enhancement”. If you are really looking for an increase in performance, then you might consider taking a product called VigRX Plus. This has actually outperformed Enzyte pills on the sexual performance level; and that would have been no easy task.

Enzyte is an extremely good product, but VigRX Plus has a few more necessary ingredients that will offer more of a noticeable increase in sexual performance. Also, if one includes VigRX Plus with their ErectionFitness system, they actually do offer permanent penis growth.

However, as a stand alone product (not apart or any system) VigRX Plus is perhaps your best bet for a noticeable increase in sexual performance. If they can do it better than Enzyte male enhancement, then that is saying something.


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