Does Jelqing Work?

For many men, their penis size just isn’t enough, and unfortunately, there aren’t always that many options out there to increase the size. There are surgeries that can take place in order to correct this problem, but surgeries are extremely risky, very expensive, insurance companies simply will not cover them, and there is a chance that the gain will either be minimal, or there will be no gain at all.

But, is there are safer way to naturally increase the size of your penis? The answer is actually based on a very old technique that was invented in the Middle East. It is called “Jelqing”. While the name may sound funny, it really is backed by a few hundred years of success with men who do it on a very regular basis, but the program must be strictly followed.

The Procedure

Basically, Jelqing is a process by which the individual makes an “ok” gesture with his hand and grips the base of the penis shaft. Then, in a slow motion, he moves his hand to the head, tightly gripping the penis.

This essentially is like squeezing a tube of toothpaste, as the blood begins to expand and engorge the vessels in the shaft and the head. This expansion and pulling action will both increase the size and amount of cells that compose the penis over time, but it will also eventually lengthen it.

Through micro tears and cell duplication, the penis will end up becoming larger overall, as it will not only grow in length but also girth. But, does Jelqing work? There are many who believe it works like a charm, however, the program must be followed with somewhat a stern rigidity.

Results May Vary

Depending on how you go about your Jelqing program, some men will experience fantastic results, while others may not experience any. Now, there really is nothing that can go wrong with Jelqing, as it is considered a completely safe activity, but does Jelquing work with everyone? Not necessarily, as every man is different.

Basically, Jelqing only works because certain elements that have to do with blood flow and other parts of the male anatomy must work together. In addition to that, it is very difficult to find a reliable source for Jelqing instructions, as all of them appear to be different.

So, does Jelqing really work? It might, but only with some men and not others. The reason why Jelqing may not always work is because there is nowhere were you can receive clinically tested, proven, reliable, and repeatable material inside a program that any man can follow. In essence, there needs to be a program, not just a practice, if you want to see true results.

The Key

Why do Jelqing exercises work? The reason why Jelqing is said to work is because it naturally causes the penis to grow in a permanent way, but this method is literally hundreds of years old, and medical and holistic science has come a long way since then. A better option for you might be to use a program that is more current and more effective, yet still applies the same basic principles behind Jelqing methodology.

A great place to find this would be Erection Fitness. They provide a fantastic system that is obviously safe and very much effective. So, if you were to ask the same question yet again: does jelqing workout work? That answer would have to be, “not as well as medically developed penis exercise program”.

If you are looking for an excellent system that is updated and proven, then simply go with them and save your time on the Jelqing.

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