Does Neosize XL Work? A Look At the Facts

With this new product, we’re all wondering, “Does Neosize XL work?” The ads seem to be popping up everywhere, and the affiliate marketers are buzzing. So are these claims substantiated? What does the product even do?

This Neosize XL review aims to explore the claims of this product, take a look at what others have said, and most importantly, understand the science behind the nature of the product. Overall, we were impressed with the list of ingredients, but what we did find did not match up with certain aspects of their marketing campaign.

The Neosize XL Platform

Just the name Neosize XL would have to suggest that the product is designed in order to increase penis size. Obviously, with this kind of a claim, what man would not want to buy such a product?

If one were able to increase penis size just through taking a mere pill, every single man would be on this supplement. So, why do products like these have troubles making good on the claims?

If you were to look at the ingredients you will find compounds that are conducive to performance enhancement. The Neosize XL product should have absolutely no problem with helping you last longer in bed, but will it actually increase your penis size?

Unfortunately the answer is “no”. There is literally no possible way that this can take place, as it is just as bogus to claim that a “super diet pill” can help you have a six pack by eating Twinkies and watching daytime television.

There is no anatomical way that taking Neosize XL can help you permanently grow you penis without the use of exercises to get you there.

What It Does

Essentially, Neosize XL reviews have said that their penises grew, but not in a permanent way. Actually, the Neosize XL product is excellent at increasing blood flow and circulation to the penis tissues. This allows for an extremely hard and gigantic erection, hence the appearance of a size increase.

But when it comes to true and permanent growth, the penis cannot just do that on its own. This requires “stretching” and/or exercises.

In order to truly increase the size of a penis, there must be cell duplication through micro tears. In this sense, it is much like any other muscle or tendon in the body. In order to become stronger and more flexible, there needs to be a workout, and there needs to be stretching. Neosize XL alone cannot deliver this.


In this sense, because Neosize XL reviews have stated that it cannot make good on its claims, it is now overpriced. In fact, if you were only looking for performance increasers, those are a dime a dozen.

There are products that are apart of overall systems, such as Vimax. In fact, Vimax is a supplement that has virtually the same compounds as Neosize XL, but it is meant for use with a product called the Vimax Extender.

In this sense, Vimax is your most optimal choice, as it is meant to increase penis size in tandem with a penis workout and stretching schedule. With Vimax, you know what you’re getting.


Neosize XL is growing in popularity, but this will most likely be short-lived, once customers slowly realize that no real growth is taking place. In order to actually grow the penis, it requires a product like Vimax to work in tandem with the Vimax Extender.

Unfortunately, Neosize XL has still yet to be proven in terms of increasing penis size, and it would appear as if we will all remain waiting. Using our common sense, we’ve given up the wait, and have returned to Vimax. We should not have left in the first place.


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