Does Size Really Matter to Women?

It's the eternal question. Google it, and you'll get nearly 600 million results!

So, does size really matter? The truth is - it may matter to you more than it does to your partner!

There's a theory in psychology called the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy. Basically, what it says is that if you think a certain way, you're going to act in a way that turns your thoughts into a reality.

So, if you think of yourself as small down there, you'll act "small" out there -- meaning that you won't have as much confidence in the bedroom, or anywhere else!

You may be afraid to ask women out or afraid to take on the "tough guy" in the office. You may question whether you're macho and manly enough. You may feel insecure and inferior to other guys.

The bigger you feel, the "bigger" you'll start to act. You'll take charge more in the bedroom and act more confident out on dates. You'll stop feeling like you're second-place.

The insecurities you feel about your size are similar to the insecurities women have about their breast size. Just be glad yours isn't on display in a tight sweater 24/7!

Now, that's not to say that everything is in your head.

Whether you're obsessed with it or not, your penis size can affect the time you spend in the bedroom. For example, if it's too small, it may not hit all of your partner's good spots.

Plus, some women get turned on simply at the sight of a big penis -- and the more turned on they are, the more fun you're going to have!

That doesn't mean you have to add a ton of extra inches. In fact, finding a male enhancement product that adds girth may actually be more important. Think of it this way -- a vagina is about six inches deep.

But since the most sensitive nerve endings can be found in those outer two inches, your partner is going to feel a whole lot more satisfaction if you're wider. By adding extra girth -- or simply getting a product that gives you bigger, stronger erections, instead of trying to add permanent size -- you can wind up with a much happier partner!

Just remember, though, there are plenty of guys out there who are hung like a horse and still aren't any good in bed! Ask most women, and they'll tell you that bigger isn't always better. The key is to take all of that size and put it to good use!

Like Dr. Ruth once said, men have to be "sexually literate", even if they're hung from the floor to the ceiling!

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