Eleven Fantastic Health Benefits of Having Regular Sex

Many people still feel a little embarrassed or awkward about their sexual desires, but there are scientifically sound reasons to believe that sex is extremely good for your body. Read on to discover eleven surprising and important ways in which regularly making love can boost your physical and mental health.

1) Sex is good for your heart:

Having regular sex reduces your risk of having a heart attack. One group of researchers found that men who had sex at least twice a week were a staggering 50% less likely to have a deadly heart attack than were their more sexually restrained peers. In addition, older couples will be pleased to learn that the connection between having sex and having a stroke is mythical.

Studies show that there is no apparent link between frequent sex and suffering from strokes. Finally, sex also increases estrogen production in women, and estrogen is thought to protect your cardiovascular system against the development of heart disease.

2) Sex might help you live a longer life:

sex might help people live a longer lifeThere is some evidence to suggest that regular sex is linked to longevity. Every time you have an orgasm, this leads to the release of a hormone called DHEA.

Some scientists believe that this increase in DHEA can extend your lifespan, because DHEA is capable of improving resistance to disease, repairing damaged tissue, maintaining the central nervous system, and boosting mood.

Further, a study at Duke University found that older women who testified to being happy with their sex lives tended to live around seven or eight years longer than women who claimed to be indifferent to (or unsatisfied by) sex.

3) Regular sex lowers your risk of developing prostate cancer:

If you are a man, you have an extra incentive to keep having regular sex well into old age. Several scientific studies have shown that men who orgasm more frequently (i.e. at least five times a week) are around a third less likely to end up suffering from prostate cancer in later life. It is thought that this might be because ejaculating can rid the body of some of the dangerous products that can end up leading to cancer.

4) Regular sex leads to greater levels of intimacy between partners:

Having sex prompts your body to release a hormone called oxytocin, especially if your sex session involves at least one orgasm. Oxytocin is sometimes called the ‘cuddle hormone’ or the ‘love hormone’ because it makes you feel affectionate, safe and trusting. Research shows that greater levels of physical intimacy between you and your partner lead to greater oxytocin production, and this in turn leads to a more intense and long-lasting bond.

5) Sex can help you to look younger for longer:

One intriguing study performed in Scotland has shown that people who have regular sex look around four to seven years younger than they actually are. This study involved a group of judges assessing the ages of 3,500 different people in photographs, and it turned out that the people who were judged to be the youngest participants were also the ones who had the most active sex lives.

This is as yet a rather difficult result to explain, but one hypothesis is that the human growth hormone secreted in response to sex helps to improve muscle tone, and more toned people tend to look younger.

6) Regular sex leads to a strong immune system:

Studies have shown that men and women who have sex at least twice a week have higher levels of immunoglobin A in their bodies. This is an antibody that plays a role in how likely you are to catch colds and other viral or bacterial infections.

One research project conducted at a university in Pennsylvania revealed that people who have sex twice or more each week are boosting their immune systems by as much as 30%.

7) Sex can help you to stay slim:

An average session of sex (lasting about half an hour) will burn at least 80 calories, and the benefits of this excellent form of cardiovascular exercise can really add up over time. For example, if you have sex at least twice a week then your sex life will burn at least 1280 calories in a month. If you have extremely frequent, enthusiastic or athletic sex then you will of course burn even more.

8) Sex helps keep menstrual periods regular:

Scientists at Stanford University have learned that women who have sex at least once or twice a week have more regular (and therefore more easily predictable) menstrual cycles in comparison to women who only have sex a couple of times each month.

9) Sex is a natural painkiller:

The aforementioned hormone oxytocin is accompanied by a boost in endorphins when you have sex. As a result of these two chemicals, you will feel less pain after making love. Some people claim to find orgasms especially helpful when it comes to relieving headaches and premenstrual cramps. This anecdotal evidence is supported by a recent study in which participants who had recently inhaled oxytocin reported less pain after having their finger pricked by a needle.

10) Sex makes you feel better about yourself:

One important psychological benefit of sex is that it improves self-esteem and boosts confidence levels. There are a number of plausible reasons why this might be the case.

For example, feeling desired by someone can make you feel more attractive, performing well in bed usually leads to compliments that help you to feel confident about your sexual prowess, and knowing that your partner wants you even though they know exactly what you look like naked can improve your body image.

11) Sex reduces stress levels:

Sex doesn’t just make people feel more emotionally relaxed. It also lowers physical signs of stress such as high blood pressure, and this impact on blood pressure can be quite significant.

One study conducted on 46 adults found that men and women who regularly have sex experience less dramatic spikes in blood pressure when entering a stressful situation. Interestingly, this result applied specifically to intercourse. People who engaged in other forms of sexual activity did not exhibit the same lowered blood pressure.

If you have a high sex drive and an active sex life, feel happy rather than embarrassed! Sex is not only great fun but also extremely good for your body.

If you go through a less stimulating spell with your partner, try your best to come up with new ideas to make things fresh and exciting again. If you continue to have plenty of sex well into your pensioner years, your physical and emotional health will benefit greatly.

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