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We've all been there - coming sooner than you or your partner wanted to. You're all hot and ready to go, when before you know it you are done, usually with a weak orgasm to boot. This is why we discuss Extenze pills here.

Premature ejaculation is the most common form of sexual dysfunction - in fact, 25-40% of men are affected by premature ejaculation and most men will experience the problem at least temporarily in their lives.

But while it's a dysfunction, it's important to note that it isn't an illness or disease. It's just about learning to control your orgasms.

It doesn't help that there is no definitive answer for what constitutes as premature ejaculation.

So pick your own version of what's 'too soon' - is it ejaculating before or just at the moment of intercourse? A couple minutes in? Or anytime before your partner has orgasmed?

a pack of extenze supplementsSure you are embarrassed, but there's no need to be embarrassed anymore because you can control your ejaculation. With a few techniques and a little practice, you will be more satisfied with your sex life than ever before.

We explore a few below; your doctor or a registered sex therapist can give you more techniques if the problem persists.

Some guys rely on the distraction method. Thinking about what you did that day, or football - that's sure to make your erection last longer, right? However, it's also exactly the way to make you enjoying sex less that results in a weak orgasm...

We are here to teach you how to enjoy yourself completely while still lasting longer than the few minutes - maybe seconds - that you are lasting right now.

If you and your partner use condoms, go with a thicker rather than the thinner varieties. This will decrease sensitivity, while still keeping yourself in the moment. Go back to the thinner type once you have mastered the other exercises.

The start and stop technique is probably the first real sort of method to attempt. It will be your default as you're learning the others, and you may often come back to it. Learn the signs of pre-ejaculation - that is, the point where you are about to come, but can stop yourself by removing stimulation.

Once you have significantly calmed, start stimulation again. This will likely take several weeks of solo training before you have control. Practice during masturbation before working with your partner.

Controlling your breathing is another simple exercise that you can master with a little practice. Breathing faster and heavier increases your nearness to orgasm, and slowing your breath so that it is slow and deep will give you more control.

An all-natural male enhancement pills like ExtenZe can deliver longer, harder erections, and they also delay ejaculation. With so many imitations on the market though make sure you get an herbal supplement you can trust.

That's why we recommend Extenze pills which work by increasing the blood flow to your penis, and allowing your penis to take in more blood and keep it there, for longer periods of time. It delays orgasm, resulting in a stronger climax. The best part is it's completely safe, with no harmful side effects.

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