Free Penis Enlargement Exercises

For most men, one would think of being a healthy person as someone who jogs, stretches, and eats right every single day. But, do you know that you also need to be looking after your penis health?

It is one of the most important organs of the body, which is in charge of hormones, waste, and especially sex. That is one reason why there are many exercises for your penis that are associated with improving sexual performance and even reducing the likelihood of prostate cancer.

Of course, these exercises need to be treated just like anything else, which means that they need to be done regularly, and especially with resting time in between.

Penis Exercises

One of the most common of all the types of penis exercises is enlargement. This is one reason why free penis enlargement exercises are some of the most searched on the Internet. There are a few that you can do, and we will talk about the basic procedure and possible results of these free penis enlargement routines.

Heating Up

The first thing you should always do is heat up your penis. This is one of the most important parts of the free penis enlargement exercises, for the simple fact that it will naturally increase the effectiveness and decrease the possibility of injury for your sessions.

exercise for better men's healthNow, you will need to make your penis rather hot, but not too hot that you burn yourself. There are several methods, but the best three are either heating pads, rice pads, and a simple warmly wet rag or towel.

It is important in this part of the penis enlargement exercises procedures is that you are careful not to heat up your testicles, as this could cause sterility and other health problems. Make sure you are heating up your penis for several minutes before the next phase in your penis enlargement program.

Stretching Out

Next, you need to stretch out your penis, just like any other workout. You would not go to the gym and run a full workout without doing any stretching, so you should not do so with your penis enlargement exercises.

In fact, this is going to be one of the most important parts, as this will give your penis the most elasticity that it will need in order to start the real growing process. Stretching out will cause micro tears to happen in the tissue of your male anatomy. However, do not worry, as these aren’t painful (some have felt a slight burning or itching, but this is actually a good sign).

Now, it is possible to go too far with this part of your penis enlargement workouts, so make sure that you are listening to your body. If you feel a sharp pain, sting, or harsh soreness, then make sure you stop for a few days and heal.

If this pain continues on the next go round, or simply keeps on happening, then make sure you see your doctor. This may be evidence of something else that is wrong, so don’t roll the dice on that situation.
What should most likely happen with your penis enlargement exercises on this step is that your penis will not only lengthen, bit it will provide room for the next step, which has a rather funny name.


Jelqing is one of the oldest known of the penis exercises, as it was actually invented around the times of the crusades in the Middle East. (Hence the “q” in the work “jelq”).

The Arabic populations, which invented algebra and optical surgery, have also brought us the wonderful secret male enhancement weapon called jelqing. This is the final and most effective step in penis enlargement exercises, but should only be done after the first two steps are complete.

When you jelq, you are essentially squeezing your penis, causing the blood to engorge the vessels and capillaries in your penis tissue. The reason why this works is because the blood will expand the cells and increase in cell division and duplication.

How the procedure works is that you need to apply some light lubricating oil or petroleum jelly to your penis shaft. This is important; otherwise you might end up with a rash from “rug burn” type symptoms.

Next, make an “ok” symbol with your hand, and squeeze the base of your shaft with some force. Once you do this, then slowly move your OK up the shaft and stop at the head. The head of your penis should actually look almost purple from all the blood. Then release the hold, and repeat.

There are various different methods on how many reps and how long it should take, but the point is that it should be done as slowly as possible. If you go too quickly, then it will not only be ineffective, but you may also injure yourself, and then you’ll have to explain what you were doing to your doctor, which will not be fun at all.

Overall, these free penis enlargement exercises are here to help in your penis health. If you do these penis enlargement workouts the correct way, then you simply stand to have a much stronger, healthier, wider, and longer penis, which is what every man wants. To learn more about the safe and effective penis enlargement exercises, you should visit ErectionFitness program to find out more.

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