6 Get Ripped Rules to Remember
in Order to Significantly Shift Stubborn Fat

In this article we will list the most important 6 tips on shifting stubborn body fat in order to look super lean and ripped. Enjoy.

1. Your workouts should be multi-joint exercises. This means including all over body resistance training that work all the major muscle groups e.g. star jumps, burpees, squats, lunges, pull ups, sprints, dumbbell/barbell cleans and overhead presses etc. Training the larger muscles will increase the body’s metabolism and burn larger quantities of fat.

2. Only drink a sports drink or eat starchy or simple carbohydrate (e.g. pasta/pancake) along with your immediate post exercise protein shake.

3. Limit your alcohol intake. Alcohol is very high in energy which means that it is high in calories. It will also inhibit muscle gains and fat burning, so keep alcohol intake to a minimum. Possibly 1-2 times per week enjoy a few glasses of wine or a couple of beers.

Avoid binge drinking as this seriously derails fat losses due to overloading the body/major organs with processing alcohol before any other nutrients. And for the guys, too much beer increases our estrogen production and limits testosterone production!

4. Don’t be fooled by those television shopping adverts for fitness gimmicks such as ab belts, chairs, rollers etc. The perfect fitness model advertising it, did not get their body using that junk, they used all over body training techniques, solid sensible nutrition and an amazing mindset to stay on track with achieving their goal, oh and the fact that they would be paid to look great on TV!

Remember the only weight you will lose from any of those TV gimmicks will be from your wallet!

5. Get in at least 7-8 hours high quality sleep per night in order for your body to recover from your workouts and for muscle to grow/repair thus maintaining your metabolism

6. Do your workouts on an empty stomach e.g. pre-breakfast or at least following a 2 hour fasted state. This will force the body to primarily utilise body fat as its main fuel.


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