What to Do If I Have a Small Penis... Does It Matter?

The words man and sex go fit together so well. It’s true, the most conservative men in the world today have diverse opinion on sex. In the society of today, men are still regarded as the dominant sex. They’re at the forefront of all modern day developments, be it politics, construction, economics and all other areas.

Men are elevated in today’s society, their ego’s inflated. Despite this sex is one of the strongest determinants in a man’s ego. Most men are privy about the situation, the truth however is that sex plays a huge role and helps distinguish his ego with his close circle of peers.

The penis of a man is very important to him. Countless times throughout history, guys that lose their penises to freak accidents claim without it there is no will to live on.

Many men hold their penis in high regard; it’s their claim to fame, their ticket to immortality.

Sadly, in most cases men are not satisfied with the penis they were born with. That's way there are so many penis enlargement pills on the market.

Studies on the human anatomy have proven that penis size is totally separated from genetics.

In most situations, a man who has a small penis will divert attention from sexual discussions and talk of penis usage.

The size of the penis lingers on his mind. Once the size of a man’s penis has been revealed his ego takes an enormous knock, it’s usually a situation that takes years to come to terms with. Some men never do.

It’s absolutely normal for the ego of a man to reflect directly from the size of his penis. A guy with an enormous penis is blessed, he gets all the stunning women and he’s the object of their desires and features frequently in their discussions. A man with the big penis attracts more women, which further enhances his ego.

Studies have shown that a man with a below average penis can totally satisfy a woman during sex. The ego of the guy with the small penis will not allow him to accept this though, he’ll go through life believing he is inferior and possessing a massive penis is necessary to find a woman. In short, a big penis manifests itself in sexual desires, and having a great sex life means total satisfaction.

The primary goal of any human being on this planet is to procreate. This goal weighs heavily on the mind of a small penis owner. Having lots of children requires a massive amount of sex, so good erections.

This worries men, they believe the size of their penis will inhibit their wife’s desire to have sex. Of course, when a woman is dissatisfied she immediately blames her husband’s penis size, further damaging his ego and continuing the vicious circle.

The size of his penis is an incredibly important fact to all men. Though physical, the effect of having a small penis can manifest itself psychologically in a dangerous manner.

Penis size doesn’t determine how a guy is viewed in modern society. The simple fact of the matter though is that size does matter.

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