Penis Enlargement - A Few Facts From History

Penis enlargement is a topic that has been with humanity probably ever since there were humans. It’s not hard to see that the history of penis enlargement goes back to the days of the cavemen, or probably even earlier. Humanity is several million years old and it should not surprise anyone to see prehistoric art all over the world depicting sexual themes.

In fact, one of the oldest types of prehistoric art ever found, some pieces dating back over 100,000 years old, are stone phalluses as well as pregnant women. Our fascination with sex and penis size literally goes back to the dawn of time.

The history of penis enlargement after our pre-history

After our pre-history, we have many examples from ancient cultures where penis size seems to have mattered. Babylonian, Egyptian, Assyrian, Hittite, Chinese, Greek and Roman cultures all show a fascination with sex and penis size in their mythology, literature and art. Statues and carvings all attest to the fact that penis size and enlargement was important to cultures throughout time.

Ancient Greek people were dreaming of huge penises and many stories and depictions show men with large penises who have a lot of power. Penis size is clearly associated with the concept of power throughout many ancient cultures.

In the Middle East, the jelq exercise is a remedy for penis size which men did for many thousands of years. Basically they would hang weights onto the end of their penis to encourage it to grow longer and become stronger. The modern penis pump and other devices were invented based on these ideas.

Do these devices really work?

The penis pump has been shown that it does not really work, but the idea of putting weights on your penis has survived these days and has been shown to be somewhat effective. In some men it has also shown to be very effective. It depends entirely on how you will react to this kind of treatment.

These days we have what are called penile extenders. The latest science and engineering has shown us that it is possible, over a period of a few months, to encourage the cells in the penis to become larger and to subsequently make your penis larger as well.

Without a doubt if the ancient Greeks were living today they would probably use a quality penis extender as it is a method that has a good history of actually working.

Supplements and herbal remedies

There are also supplements and herbal remedies available for penis enhancement and the history of these has also been fraught with things that work and products that don’t work.

Reviews on herbs can be a mixed bag of opinions and it is always hard to tell whether a herb really does what it is supposed to or whether it’s a load of bunk and pseudo-science. Generally, the only reliable method of penis enlargement is the use of a penis extender, so you might want to reconsider your opinions about herbal remedies.

Hormone therapy and surgery

Some of the more extreme forms of penis enlargement could include hormone treatment or surgery. But these can have bad side effects and penis enlargement surgery might land you with some scars that you would probably want to avoid. In general, these methods are reserved for extreme cases when it could be life threatening if surgery is not done immediately.

In general though, it is still assumed that if the ancient Greeks were alive today, they could use their penis extender as easily as we use an iPhone. For these cultures penis enlargement was just so important.

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