Thank You for Bringing the Sunshine Into My Life

Has the love magic and romance left your relationship? The sexual fire has gone out and left you frustrated? You are not alone with that.

If you have lived together with the same woman for a long time it can become confortable and stable, but this can often kill the spark that once made your love so special.

We hope that these tips and simple ideas will bring back that magic.

- Walking along the beach

Draw a heart shape in the sand, then sit inside the heart with your lady while cuddling close together and watching the sunset.

- Using childhood memories

Visit her family and find out if there was something special she always wanted when she was a little girl. Then go and get it for her birthday, or anniversary.

Not only will she appreciate this gift, but also the fact that you were creative enough to find out about it.

- A massage “by appointment”

Get a little bottle of massage oil, then place it in a gift box with a card that reads:

"Expert Erotic Massage (Superman Erotic Massage), Strictly by Appointment, call (insert your phone number here)" and then wrap it up with nice paper and send it to your woman.

- Make her an unique gift

Get some nice paper and coloured pencils. Then draw two lovers holding hands and looking at each other with their names inserted on tags next to where they stand. Above them in the sky draw the sun shining and smiling down on them, and inbetween them draw a little heart shape with the words “I Love You” inside the shape.

Once you are done, get a formal business envelope and put your drawing inside, then make up an address label, with “Private and Confidential” followed by the office address of your honey. Then finally go and mail it. Try to get it delivered when you know that your woman is at the office.

- Back to childhood

Use your partners childhood memories and take her for a ride on the childrens swings in the local park.

- Summer fun

Go to a department store or visit to buy two water guns, organise a trip to the beach and when you’re arrived, get out the guns and hand one to your partner, then start a water fight.

- Tell your woman how much you love her

Place a long stemmed rose where your love can easily find it with the note that says: “Thank you for bringing the sunshine into my life”.

- Bring the spark back into your bedroom

The most guaranteed way to bring back the magic in the romance is to spice up your lovemaking. Why not surprise your girlfriend with a special gift after you make love, learn to give your partner a sensual massage before or after, or simply ask your partner casually if they have a special desire for any new position before making love.

You should not under estimate the power of intimacy in a relationship, and that the magic of making love is very powerful in creating a long lasting romance that is passionate, magical, meaningful and long-term enduring.

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