How to Increase Sperm Count

Increasing sperm count is a common topic among men. After starting to use pills for penis enlargement, many guys are looking for a method to ejaculate like a porn star!

There are numerous ways to naturally enhance sperm count. If you have been wearing briefs, ditch those for boxers. Pushing the testicles up against the body increases the temperature, which could lead to a decreased sperm volume.

enhance sperm count semenax imageIt is also shown that briefs provide an irregular pressure on the testicles and can lead to decreased sperm count. The first step in enhancing your sperm count should definitely be making the switch from briefs to boxers.

Temperature is a big issue when raising sperm count. When using a laptop computer, you should refrain from placing it on your lap. Also, when exercising you should try to wear loose fitting clothes.

A common way to raise sperm count is exercise, but it often can backfire if you raise your body temperature. Like switching to boxers, you should switch to looser fitting work out clothes. These steps will allow you to naturally enhance your sperm count.

Diet plays a crucial role in semen production. Fast foods in excess have been shown to lower sperm count dramatically. You should also try to drink water instead of sodas. Water is a key tool when raising sperm volume.

Amino acids have been shown to raise sperm count. Horny Goat Weed is an example of one that is found in almost all natural products - Semenax or Volume pills, designed for raising your sperm count.

Alcohol and smoking have been shown to provide adverse affects on sperm count. When you are trying to enhance your sperm count, you should either cut back or remove smoking and alcohol from your daily routine.

Electronics should also be used in moderation. One study has linked cell phone usage to lack of sperm count. These steps can not only provide you with a higher sperm count, but a healthier life.

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