How to Increase Penis Size? Here You Go...

They say, do not fix it if it's not broken! But sad to say this is not applicable for men’s penis. Most men aren't comfortable with the idea that a small penis is as good as the larger one.

These guys get crazy about penis enlargement pills aiming for the bigger, harder, longer and wider penis, and forget one simple fact that even three inches long dick is already big enough for sexual activities.

Yes, with a small penis you'll be able to enjoy any sexual activities from procreation to pleasuring your partner. The problem is that the majority of men don't realize what matters most... and these are the sexual techniques you use and not the size of your "masculinity".

However, if you're still not comfortable with what you have, please find below the most popular ways on how to increase your penis size.

In this article we will discuss three methods: the surgical procedures, the non-surgical ways (devices and exercise) and the pharmaceutical method.

How to enlarge your penis size through surgical ways?

There are many doctors offering penis enlargement surgery in the USA and Europe. This expensive procedure can help you getting the penis size you want. In most cases men choose the surgery called the "penis lengthening" wherein the additional length of the penis is achieved by releasing the suspensory ligament where it's attached to the pubic bone.

The second procedure is the "penis widening" where a surgeon increases the penis girth through the AlloDerm dermal matrix grafts that is placed beneath the skin of the penis shaft.

The AlloDerm is derived from a donor's skin and processed to remove all the cells so what was left is the dermal matrix. The same type of surgery is used in burn surgery, lip augmentation and many more.

As you can see, there are basically just two types of surgeries available. As any surgery at whole, these are risky and the results may not satisfy you at all. So, penile surgeries are generally advised only in cases of severe or painful deformity.

How to increase your anatomy through non-surgical ways?

Stretching by hand, wearing penis extenders, hanging weights or "playing" with vacuum pumps are the main methods used for non-surgical enlargement. These seem to be relatively safe compared to the surgical procedure, but if done wrong it may result in trauma and even sexual dysfunction. One of the safest methods is the hand stretching because you will likely to stop before hurting yourself...

However, most of the penis exercises available online have no scientific basis on its effectiveness aside from the fact that it's very pleasurable to those who do it. When you decide on starting your exercise, please take a minute to learn about the most popular and medically backed penis exercise program.

To be honest, vacuum pumps or weights and some "garage built" penis extenders can add some length, but most users aren't able to achieve permanent gains, especially if the practice is discontinued. Be cautious though, excessive traction can tear penile tissue, so affect your erections and it can also impair your blood circulation to the genitals.

How to add inches through male enhancement supplements?

Today, there are highly rated male enhancement pills, creams and other products sold at the market that claim to deliver results you're dreaming on. But be very careful when choosing the pills - most of them are just scams. Read as many customer reviews as possible. A good supplier must provide a penis exercise program to support the pills.

Fortunately, there are some supplements that are proven to be 100% natural, so you don't have to worry about unwanted side effects. By example, check out the list of ProSolution pills ingredients.

Finally, some guys claim that masturbation as a form of exercise can enlarge your penis. Well, masturbation can replace women, but not penis enlargement. Learn to masturbate; it comes in handy...

Remember, a penis isn't only a muscle that could be improved through exercise. General physical activity is probably the best way to improve your sexual performance.

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