How To Write an Online Dating Profile: For When You Absolutely, Positively Can’t Get a Number

Romantic films ruin relationships.
They give unrealistic expectations about what to expect from men.

Are you looking to go on a date by this weekend, but have absolutely no one left in that little black book of yours? Ok, so you never really had a black book. Either way, you shouldn’t lose hope, for the simple fact that with the world of online dating, you can find yourself a lovely lady in no time.

However there are quite a few things you need to keep in mind before you begin and publish that profile for all web savvy females to see.

What You Should Know First

If you are wondering how to write an online dating profile, then you do need to keep these two things in mind. What do women want to hear, and how much competition do you have. Let’s start with this first.

Did you know that there are a lot of men just like you? In fact, for every one woman online, there are at least five to ten men, depending on the site. These are not good odds, so you need to make sure that you stand out above the rest. So, how do you do this, and make an interesting dating profile? Know what women want to hear.


This is the most important part of your profile. You might have a profile that looks like Shakespeare himself wrote it, but if your pictures aren’t what they should be, then you are going to spend a lot of time smacking your forehead against the keyboard.

dating heroFirst, whatever you do, do not have a picture without your shirt (or other obvious articles of clothing). It doesn’t matter if you’ve got the world’s best body; at the end of the day… it only makes you look cocky. Every woman just loves to turn down a cocky guy; it makes them feel great when they do it.

Also, gentleman, if you are looking to create an interesting dating profile, then don’t have a picture of your mug shot, holding up a six-point buck or kissing a largemouth bass.

Quite frankly, while we men think that is the most awesome thing this side of the Mississippi, they think it’s gross, and it makes you look like a knuckle dragger. Try a nice polo or blazer and a smile… see where that get’s you.

Your Profile Tag

This is where you can use a little pithy creativity. For instance, your profile tagline could always read, “Looking for someone adventurous.” But that is boring and non-memorable.

Instead, if you want to make an interesting dating profile or a funny one, you should say, “I give free hugs; kisses $1.” Not only will this make you look like you have a sense of humor (which is in the top five things women love), it will make you memorable, and that’s how you get a reply.

The Bread and Butter

As you see, to prepare an interesting dating profile is simple. You say as little as possible, while keeping a positive energy. You don’t want to start out with the phrase saying, “Please prove to me that all women aren’t the same.” This makes you sound condescending, and who wants to have lunch with someone so negative?

The key is to tell people what you like to do, who has influenced your life, what kind of music you like, if you like to dance, what your favorite drink is, what movies you like, etc. Unless you know exactly what you’re doing, and have been at this for some time, you should leave out the deep stuff… you can get to that later.

If you want an interesting dating profile, then sound like a generally happy person, with a great hope for the future. Have fun sifting through all the replies. Good luck!

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