Importance of Male Orgasms

It’s a well known fact that sexual intercourse is one of the greatest things in a relationship. What people often overlook is the little known fact that sex has other benefits besides the 30 second orgasm at the end of it. This is one of the reasons men buy all kinds of penis enhancement pills.

make more orgasms, have more sex imageSex is the metaphorical glue that binds and holds people together in a loving relationship between two consenting individuals.

Since an orgasm is the underlying goal in any sexual encounter, it’s worth taking a closer examination because pleasure has a deeper and more meaningful purpose than the way we feel at any given point in time.

A lesser known fact attached to an orgasm is the underlying health benefits that come with it.

Surprising though it seems, recent scientific studies have proven that an orgasm is equally important to the male as any other function of the anatomy.

During the 1950’s, a Doctor by the name of Alfred Kinsey began to release his wide spread studies into the sex life of men and women throughout the land.

Incidentally, this made him world famous at the time. One of the studies revealed that frequent sexual participants had reduced stress levels they were actually far less hostile and violent than those that seldom have intercourse. This revealed that orgasms and sexual intercourse have a calming effect on an individual and help to maintain the psychological balance.

Later research and studies have proven that men and women that frequently engage in sexual activity have a lower death rate and heart attack risk. It’s actually in your best interest to have as much sex as possible.

An American Doctor Ted McIlvena later discovered that active sexual partners lead fuller and more joyous lives than others. This translates itself in fewer absences from work.

Gynaecologist Dudley Chapman stated that regular orgasms help fight off infection. This statement was later backed by the psychologists of Wilkes University.

Recent studies carried out in Melbourne have revealed that frequent ejaculation dramatically reduces the chance of developing prostate cancer in men between the age of 20 and 55. This studies supports other research that found regular orgasms prevent pain during urination at the later stages of life.

There is still a great deal of scientific study to be carried out before frequent ejaculation can be proven to prevent prostate cancer, but it’s obvious a regular sex life can have a resounding effect on the health of a man.

As you can see, we were meant to have a lot of sex, and we were meant to enjoy it. Our bodies and minds need the frequent sexual experience to release stress and improve our all round health. Don’t take this as advice to have sex at any given opportunity with anyone. Be sensible, consider STD’s and protect yourself at all times.

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