Is Vimax Better Than Extenze?

There are a lot of men out there that are looking for an option for male enhancement. Some prefer the route of actually using devices before they become intimate in order to give them a hard erection. Some of these devices are stimulants, cock rings, and even penis pumps. Other options include taking certain supplements.

Now, there are several classes of penis enhancement pills, and some work better than others. However, there are actually a few brands that should be taken seriously, and the two most notable are Vimax and Extenze.

These are perhaps the two most respected products in the industry for their ability to work extremely well, but both have dissatisfied quite a few men, unfortunately. What are the reasons for this? Well, they actually do different things.

The Question

So, is Vimax better than Extenze? To answer that, you would have to say, “apples and oranges.” In essence, they are two different types of supplements. Now, they are often advertized under the same venue, but at the end of the day, they are two different creatures from two different parts of the forest.


Extenze is just loaded with all kinds of chemicals and herbal supplements that are there to make you have a near instant, and extremely hard, erection. In fact, Extenze is perhaps the best pill on the market for that very reason. It is like climbing into a drag racing car. You aren’t looking to cruise from Maine to Florida, but you are looking to make a quarter mile in less than twelve seconds.

two extenze pills imageThat is the purpose of Extenze. It is a pill that you take when you absolutely, positively need to have sex right now. Other than that, it is not meant to permanently grow your male anatomy.

It works just like a penis pump in that respect. Essentially, it will give you a boost for a few hours, and then the effects wear off.

You can actually see evidence of that in the ingredients. Now, while Extenze does have a marginal amount of herbal ingredients, it is loaded with pseudo medications and chemicals that super charge your penis. But is Vimax really better than Extenze for natural male enhancement that is permanent?


Vimax is that cruise from Maine to Florida. Of course, it can most certainly give you a helping hand in the bedroom if you take it thirty-minutes before hand, but overall, it is not that companion that will blow away your partner.

Essentially, the purpose of Vimax is to help you permanently increase the size of your penis. It does this through an almost totally herbal supplement, which gives you a gradual boost in libido. This boost will give a general increase in blood flow to the penis. Now, this will not give you what you need alone, as you will need to pair this up with penis exercises, which are available with every pills supply for free.

When paired with penis exercises, Vimax pills have caused men to increase by inches, and these changes are permanent. So, no, you will not just shrink back down to size when the show is over. You will stay the same impressive size that you were hoping to be all along. So are Vimax pills better than supplements from Extenze? Again, what do you want to do with it?


To answer the question of, “is Vimax better than Extenze?” Are you looking for a quick fix and an intense rodeo, or do you want to permanently increase the size and girth of your penis? If the answer is the latter, then the answer to that question is a definitive, “yes”.

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