Can I Really Benefit of Kegel Exercises?

The ability to control ejaculation during sex is a thorny and huge issue that often leaves men suffer in silence. Majority of men are too embarrassed to bring up that problem simply because they are afraid of being ridiculed.

However, there is an effective and easy way through which you can manage, or better still, put an end to this problem - the use of Kegel exercises. The Kegel exercise is a type of pelvic floor exercise aimed at countering inconsistencies, particularly during sex. Take note that this type of exercise has nothing to do with penis enlargement routines.

By the way, not so many people know the benefits or the proper way of doing the Kegel exercise. First of all, Kegel exercises are aimed at helping individuals strengthen the muscles located below the bladder that aids in controlling urination and ejaculation. However, it is important to note that this can only be achieved by following certain guidelines.

The Best Way To Do

The easiest way to perform this penis exercise is to try stop or slow down the flow of urine while urinating. This tightening of the muscles is the basic move of this workout. However, it is important not to tense the muscles of the buttocks, abdomen or legs. On the same breath, some doctors are against doing "urinating Kegel" on a regular basis as it may eventually weaken the muscles around the penis. We didn't found any confirmation to this.

For the best results, most experts recommend to tighten and relax these muscles 5-10 times per set. At the beginning you may limit yourself to 5 sets a day while lying on a flat surface. This way, your muscles will not be fighting against gravity, which may make it an uphill task to achieve desirable results. In this position, it is also easier to contract the muscles than in an upright position.

This should be repeated over a period of a few weeks, while also increasing the time until you can comfortably contract the muscles for at least ten seconds. When you are eventually comfortable, you can do the exercise while standing up as this will exert more weight on the muscles, thereby improving your workout and general control.


Just like any other person out there, you may be wondering what benefits Kegel exercises have. Well, there are many benefits associated with penis exercise, key among them being that it guarantees better sex.

By being able to control your ejaculation during sex, you definitely will last longer which is sexually healthy. Men who practice Kegel exercises are guaranteed greater sexual stamina, coupled with multiple orgasms.

Alongside guaranteeing improved sex drive, Kegel exercise also helps to control the flow of your semen. This is besides the fact that it also ensures longer and firmer erection during sex, something that is a toll order to most men. On the same breath, this exercise also improves ejaculation volume.

There is no denying that Kegels are the best sexual exercises for men as compared to other penile exercises. For improved results, however, it is highly recommended using Kegel exercises with herbal male enhancement supplements. This way, you are not only guarantee of controlled ejaculation, but also improved overall health and hardness of your penis, alongside the ability to last longer in bed naturally.


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