Looking for Signs She Likes You?

Check Out Her Body Language!

You can look online and find all sorts of classes, books and seminars that will teach you how to spot signs of interest and zoom in on the perfect woman, but it’s really not all that hard. Why spend thousands of dollars on a course when anyone can spot signs she likes you with a few simple tips?

Whether she’s that perfect girl you spotted in a night club or that coworker you always wanted to ask out, finding signs she likes you are always the same. More than any words, conversations or romantic scenarios, body language remains the best sign of attraction.

a nice girl with a cup of coffeeEye Contact

Eye contact is one of the best signs she likes you. In almost every animal species, eye contact is considered a very personal gesture. In fact, if you go to the zoo, posted signs tell you not to stare at gorillas for that very reason. Eye contact intimidates them.

However, with women it is very different. For casual relationships it is normal to have fleeting, short glances into one another’s eyes, but if you catch her eyes lingering on yours, that’s a sure sign she likes you.

A word of warning: do not stare at her to see if she stares at you. That is just creepy.


Another favorite among signs of attraction is body proximity. That simple means how close she gets to you when talking or even standing. People always have comfort zones. Most people get uncomfortable whenever another person gets within two or three feet of their “territorial bubble.” Those rules go out the window when there’s an attraction.

Does she stand brushed up against you? Does she touch your arm or shoulder when she talks to you? Does she sit close to you during meetings? Does she hug or shake your hand and let it linger a little longer than normal? All of those are great signs she’s interested.


Among the great signs she likes you is posing. Women like to pose. It’s part of their femininity. When a guy sits down or walks, he never thinks much about what he’s doing. It’s just sitting or walking.

A woman, on the other hand, is always aware of how she sits or walks, especially when there’s a person of interest around. If you catch her neatly folding herself into a chair, draping her hair seductively over one shoulder or swinging her hips as she walks away, then consider asking her out.

Smiling and Facial Expressions

Smiling is instinctual and hard to control. Next time you see a video of someone winning the lottery, see if they can stop themselves from smiling. The same thing goes for attraction. Everyone gets excited at the start of a new romance and smiling is natural.

kissing coupleIf you catch her looking at you and smiling for no reason at all, or if you catch her giving you raised eyebrows, then do a double take. This is included in the best signs of attraction.

On the other hand, if she never smiles at you or constantly gives you puzzled looks, then the opposite might be true.

You’ll See Results

Although these are the major signs of attraction, there are countless little signs of body language.

These are the ways human communicate and some scientists speculate the majority of human communication occurs with gestures and body language.

Learning how to spot and interpret these can save you a lot of time and anxiety when plunging into the dating pool. If you want to see if Ms. Right is interested in you, then remember these unmistakable signs of attraction.


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