Six Answers To The Question:
Why Do Men Die Younger Than Women?

No single human being is immortal. Death is like a rite of passage that everyone has to go through. There are two popular answers to the question why women live longer than men ("because they don't have wives..." or "the painted thing always preserves better").

However, we found six more. Some of these reasons are self-created. Others are as a result of the social setting that a man lives in and so on.

1. A man is by nature more exhibits greater levels of machismo than a woman. It is more common to find a man engaging in dangerous acts such as stunting on a motorbike, parachuting, and the like. Many of these activities are very risky.

The slightest of mistakes would be all it takes to send one six feet under. Some argue that machismo is natural in a man, while others think of it as personal choice. Whatever the case, it is still accounts for great number of deaths amongst males.

2. A woman will always tend to eat healthier foods compared to a man. Most men eat because they are hungry and do not really care much about the nutritional value of the food. This means that the immune system of a woman will be much stronger compared to that of a man. A man will therefore be more vulnerable to attack from diseases, which may cause death.

3. Traditionally, it was and still is the duty of a man to provide for himself and his family. The man therefore has to work hard in order to make ends meet and give his dependents a comfortable life.

Earning a living comes with a lot of stress. This is especially true for those who do not have a stable job and therefore no steady source of income. Stress is a well-known cause of death.

4. Promiscuity is another reason for lower life expectancy among the males. Cases of women cheating on their partners are not as common as those where it is the men who cheat.

In this day and age, irresponsible sexual behavior is responsible for the death of millions of people. A man who has multiple sexual partners is bound to have a shorter life compared to a woman who lives faithfully to her partner.

5. Drug use is also a factor responsible for longer life expectancy of a woman. Majority of the population that smokes cigarettes and drink alcohol is male

Smoking and drinking obviously have adverse effects on an individual. The two activities lower the life expectancy of the user. Since there are more males than females who engage in these vices, females are bound to have a greater life expectancy.

6. Lastly, men are known to suppress their emotions. When someone dies for example, a man may hold back his tears because the society expects him to be strong. A man who shows emotions is not weak. Bottling up of emotions over time can be very disastrous. A woman is better at expressing emotion compared to a man.

It is important to point out that these explanations to the question, why do men die younger than women, do not apply to all the males. There are those men who do take very good care of themselves. They tend to live long productive lives.

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