Natural Products That Are Aphrodisiacs

Around 15 to 16 percent of men and at least twice that many women have a low libido, according to WebMD. Many conditions and medications can be the source of libido issues.

Stress, diabetes, antidepressants and alcoholism are just some of the reasons you may not feel particularly frisky.

Many foods are reputed to be aphrodisiacs, such as choocolate, alcohol and oysters. These foods may increase your feelings of passion but if you are happy with your current diet consider instead herbal remedies and products that heighten arousal.

Herbal Aphrodisiacs

Historically, many cultures have used herbs for sexual problems and to increase desire. Research supports the effectiveness of some herbal aphrodisiacs. Herbs can be taken as supplements or added to meals to boost the libido.


A study conducted at the Centre for Integrative Clinical and Molecular Medicine in Australia found that fenugreek can improve the male libido. Fenugreek is frequently used to make curries though it can be added to other dishes or taken in supplement form.

Horny Goat Weed

Horny goat weed may have aphrodisiac properties. The name horny goat weed and its reputation comes from the story of a Chinese goat herder who observed that his flock became more sexually active after eating the weed.


Fo-Ti is a Chinese herb also known as he shou wu, which translates as “black-haired Mr. He.” The herb's reputation as an aphrodisiac stems from the story of an older man named Mr. He who experienced a return of sexual vitality, youthfullness and black hair after taking fo-ti.


Men and women in Mexico use a plant called damiana as an aphrodisiac. Some people in the southern United States also take damiana to increase desire.

Tongkat Ali

A report in the “New Sunday Times” called tongkat ali the “Asian Viagra.” Tongkat ali is a tree native to Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Extracts from the bark of the Yohimbe tree are sold as supplements for erectile dysfunction and to increase the libido. The yohimbe tree is native to western Africa, specifically Gabon, the Congo, Nigeria and Cameroon.


L-arginine is actually not an herb, but it is a supplement that can work as an aphrodisiac. L-arginine is an amino acid, which is a substance that makes up the structure of proteins. This supplement may be beneficial for erectile dysfunction and is said to be an alternative to Viagra.

Hot Plants

Hot Plants is an herbal supplement blend that contains nutrients proven to help improve sexual satisfaction. The product may also improve sexual performance and heighten desire. Some ingredients include tongkat ali and horny goat weed. Different mixes are sold for men and women.


FertiliTea is another supplemental blend that may function as an aphrodisiac. It could also help to balance hormones and improve fertility in women. Some of the ingredients include nettle, chasteberry and raspberry leaf.

Aphrodisiac Products for Women

Certain scents can heighten your libido. The smell of peppermint can help women achieve orgasm or increase number of orgasms. A peppermint shampoo or soap may get you in the mood.

Also, try a foot massage with peppermint massage oil. Foot massages can increase desire because the part of your brain that is aware of sensations in the feet is the same part responsible for arousing the sex organs.

To enhance the effects of massage, take a hot bath first. Hot water combined with a calming smell like jasmine can make you more relaxed and better able to enjoy a massage. Hot bathes and massages also lower stress, which could be the source of your reduced arousal.

Another product you may find stimulating is Zestra, a feminine arousal liquid applied to the vaginal area. Zestra can increase arousal and lubricate without irritating your skin. The liquid includes ingredients such as vitmain C, vitamin E and borage oil.

Bath oils and scented soaps are generally safe for everyone, but if you do decide to take supplements ask your doctor first. Some supplements can interact with other natural products and medications. Although fear caused by watching a scary movie can be arousing to some people, a trip to the ER is never a turn on.

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