The Relationship of Obesity and Small Penis Size

Men today are suffering from obesity. Actually, most of men and women suffer from overweight issues. There are two culprits of obesity: overeating and no exercise. If your body does not get enough activity or exercise, there is no way that your fats will be reduced.

It is true especially to those people who are too busy on their work. Exercise is one of the important things that every individual need to do if they want to prevent obesity. Basically, once you eat, the food that you take does not entirely turn into energy. Some of them are stored as fats.

If you do not pay attention to these fats, it will be stocked on your body and you are already overweight before you know it. This is where exercise is needed. You need to do exercises to dissolve the stored fats on your body.

Another thing that you need to consider is your eating habit. Your eating habit plays an important role when it comes to obesity. If you eat too much oily foods, there is a big chance that you will be obese even if you do exercise every day.

Always keep in mind that sometimes exercise alone cannot do the job. You also need to limit yourself on the foods that you are not supposed to eat too much. You need to have a balanced diet. It is one of the most important things that you have to consider.

Weight loss is very essential to men's health especially their sex life. There are some studies that are suggesting that obesity can cause the penis of a male to shrink.

The answer to this is both yes and no. Here is a simple explanation about this.

The first answer to be explained is the “No”. Literally, obesity does not have any relation on the small size of men’s penis. Also, it does not imply that when a man is obese, his penis is smaller than usual.

All of these are only assumptions and there is no scientific proof that it can literally make the penis smaller. However, here is the answer on the “Yes” part. Obesity only creates the illusion that the penis is smaller. Actually, there are a lot of ways on how the penis can look smaller because of being overweight.

Try to compare the size of the penis of two men with same height and same penis size. One has an average weight and the other is obese. If you will look at them, you will surely notice that the size of the penis of the obese man is smaller when compared to the other. This is only an illusion created because of the size of their body.

Another illusion given by obesity is because of the fats located near the base of the penis. Obese men develop a fat pad on the base of their penis. If the penis is flaccid, it will retract into the fat pad. If they have pubic hair, it will surely be hidden there making an illusion that the penis is really smaller.

This is the main reason why a lot of men today often look for penile enhancement supplements. Most obese men think that their dick is really small so they look for ways to increase the size. They spend a lot of money just because they think that their size is less than normal.

If you are obese, do not waste your time spending on penis enhancement products. Instead, spend your time and money in looking for ways on how you can lose weight. By instance, there are plenty of positive reviews for Lean Muscle Formula.

Always keep in mind that the fats on your body can make an illusion that your organ is smaller and it also can affect the blood flow to your genitals causing weak erections.

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