Penis Enlargement Surgery: Facts You Must Know

You’ve decided to get a penis surgery, but you’re unsure of what to expect. Maybe you’ll be able to tell the surgeon what to do once you’re educated about the process?

There are many different types of penile surgeries and you have to choose which better suits you. Just a few years ago a surgical operation was the only real permanent solution for enlargement of the penis.

At the moment, many companies claim that they can help you improve both the width and girth of your penis permanently without surgery and they have successful clinical trials. However, in order to increase the girth of your penis after operation in most cases you'll need to use a penis extender similar to this one.

How do they do it?

OK, using surgery, the penis will be enlarged usually by an inch or more. The surgeon will cut the ligaments that hold your penis in its usual position. This will cause your penis to go down temporarily.

You then will use weights or another type of penis stretching device for a few months in order to permanently increase your size.

You may or may not have a scar from this type of surgery, but your erection will definitely point down to a certain degree and the base of your penis will tend to be more hairy than normal unless you groom this area.

Is there only one method?

No, there is a different type of surgery known as a dermal implantation. This type of surgery ensures that you increase your girth as well as your length.

This surgery transplants fat cells from different parts of your body and injects them into your penis. The size of the head of your penis doesn’t increase with the shaft of your penis, so make sure you opt to not inject too much.

How much does it cost?

The price of penile surgery can be quite costly. Of course it all depends on your urologist and where you will get your operation. It also depends on how long you plan to stay in the hospital after the procedure is completed and what exact kind of surgery you choose to get.

For these types of surgery, the cost ranges anywhere from $4,000 to $5,000. With a fantastic doctor and a long recovery process, it could cost you up to $16,000, so ready your pocketbook for this drastic measure.
As far as the risk rate of these surgeries, it’s very mild, but it’s the same as any other form of surgery - there are risks. The side effects can be damaging psychologically or physically, so be aware. Here is the latest case when a man sues an urologist...

The results of your enhancement may not satisfy you fully. This happens only because you have big dreams of being large and it may not be all you expect it to be. Although it does work, it may not be quite big enough.

There are some physical side effects to take into consideration as well. Physically, you may contract a post-operative infection. This can be very uncomfortable.

The surgery may cause damage to the tissue surrounding your penis and the nerves as well. You may also encounter some side effects from the anesthesia.

Although the side effects are scary, they are very scarce and rarely happen. Keep in mind that this is what you really want and this will make you happy in the long run.

If you’re considering penis enlargement surgery, you aren’t alone. Many others have had the surgery, so you can see what their experiences were and how it might influence your decision.

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