Peyronie’s Disease and the Treatments To Beat It

Perhaps you’ve always known that your penis is awkwardly shaped. If you’ve tried to have sex, was it painful or very difficult to even have intercourse? There may be a chance that you have a condition called “Peyronie’s Disease”.

This condition can be painful, awkward, embarrassing, and even life threatening as time goes on. So, what can you try in order to beat this condition through Peyronie’s Disease treatment options?

Risks In Doing Nothing

Basically, Peyronie’s Disease is defined as an unnatural curvature in the shape of the penis. This curvature can often be attributed to irregular tissues that compose the penis, which mostly manifest them during an erecting. In many cases, this can make sex extremely painful. Also, intercourse can be just plain difficult. So, what happens if you let this problem persist?

Well, your sex life will eventually become non-existent. Nothing is worse than not being able to satisfy your partners or yourself. In addition to destroying your sex life, Peyronie’s Disease can put your life at risk, by increasing your chances of getting prostate cancer.

Not many really understand the direct causes of prostate cancer, but most would attribute it to a life-long routine of bad blood flow to the penis area. Peyronie’s Disease is detrimental to circulation in the area of the penis.

Penis Surgery?

In many cases, most would turn to surgery for a Peyronie’s Disease treatment. Now, this can work, but there are several severe risks to consider.

For instance, one of the most prevalent of all the risks is complete impotence. If you are considering surgery as a possible Peyronie’s Disease treatment, then you have to familiarize yourself with the possibility of never having sex again.

Now, most men have the surgery for the express purpose that they want to increase the quality of their sex lives, but the risk in turn is to destroy any possibility of future sex? This does not make much sense.

Also, in most cases, insurance companies will refuse to cover this Peyronie’s Disease treatment due to its nature as a “non-essential” or “cosmetic” surgery. So, this option is likely to cost you well over $5000 in fees.

The Best Alternative

If you are in need of an alternative, then there is one that can literally “stretch” out your penis over a long time. This will actually correct the penis curvature issue in a natural and incredibly safe way. Also, this fix is going to be well under what you would pay for surgery.

The alternative Peyronie’s Disease treatment is called the SizeGenetics extender. This product is literally a vice with a base and two spring-loaded rods. Basically the SizeGenetics device grips the head of your penis in the vice, pulling it away from the body with the spring-loaded rods.

Now, this process is not painful at all, and the SizeGenetics extender is the only one that has several different fixtures to fit your penis in the most comfortable way. The key is to get you to wear it on a regular basis, so that you can beat your penis curvature.

One of the reasons to use the SizeGenetics extender, rather than other products just like it, is that the developers aimed to accommodate those with Peyronie’s Disease. Men with this condition have uniquely shaped penises, which means that there cannot be a “one size fits all” design to the device. You literally have to have a specific setting for the unique shape of your penis, and the SizeGenetics extender has these settings available.

As you see, there are different Peyronie’s Disease treatment options: the key is to make sure that the one you choose will have the fewest symptoms for the maximum effectiveness at the least cost to your bank account.

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