Phallosan Review – An Alternative To Penis Extenders

Phallosan has been designed to increase the penis size in a unique way, by combining the advantages of penis stretchers and penis pumps. Using Phallosan you will be able to see benefits such as:

- Increased Length By 1.9 Inches
- Increased Girth By 1 Inch
- Curvature Straightening
- Cure Erectile Dysfunction

phallosan in a box image

Phallosan is the only patented orthopaedic belt which uses a vacuum protecting system. Giving you faster size gains, a straighter penis and enhancement benefits. Many penis stretchers will only increase the penis from behind the glans; the Phallosan device uses the vacuum to enlarge the whole penis.

How Does Phallosan Work?

The device enlarges the penis by applying a constant stretch to the penis. The body is able to build new cells when exposed to a constant stretch. This was first discovered when tribes used methods to lengthen or enlarge their ear lobes and lips.

This practice has since been developed to allow people to use the same principle when enlarging the penis. The Phallosan system has been developed and improved after several years of research; the company behind Phallosan have been producing ways to enlarge the penis for 10 years.

opened box of phallosan stretcher

The device has been designed so that it is very easy to use and comes with an instruction CD, below are a couple of steps on how to use the Phallosan system.

- First, the device comes with a condom; this is stretched over the head and is then rolled down the shaft. The latex sleeve is then placed around the lower part of the penis; this is designed to stop air from entering the condom part.

- Once the penis is placed in the loop, you can then fasten the belt around the hips. The penis is then attached to the belt by hooking the pull strings together.

- Finally, loosen the pull strings and this will pull the penis to a specific direction, you can now leave the device on for 12 hours per day. Unlike other devices you can also sleep with it on as the vacuum regulates the traction to ensure that it doesnt cause any discomfort.

All you need to do is to change which way the penis is stretched every 2 days.

What Are the Cons of Using Phallosan?

1. Most men see 1.9 inches length, but some other devices like ProExtender increase penile length up to 3 inches!
2. Increase of 1 inch girth – some devices give 25% increase.

Final word

Phallosan and other recommended penis stretchers work very well at increasing the penis size; if you don’t want to use a penis stretcher then I would recommend Phallosan. It will give you the results that you looking for and you can be assured that you will not see any side effects.

One thing that really makes this device stand out is the combination of it being a penis stretcher and having aspects of a pump. This gives you the best of both worlds and none of the negative side effects that are expected with penis pumps.

To Learn More About Phallosan Please Click Here


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