Provacyl Reviews: a Look At the Claims

The world has known about menopause for centuries. Menopause can cause a woman’s body to alter in very dramatic ways, even to the point where there is a massive change in lifestyle. In addition to that, the chance is extremely dynamic, but also noticeable. However, what hasn’t been noticeable is what is called “Male Menopause” or Andropause.

We’ve only recently given this a good look, as the man’s body winding down was just trumped to “old age”. Now, science has had the opportunity to take a solid look at what this “old age” actually is.

Andropause is basically the result of the male hormone, testosterone, dropping like a rock. In fact, once the male’s body gets past the mid-20’s, the percentage of testosterone levels can drop off as much as 10% per decade. This is a staggering number considering all the life left to live.

So, has the medical community come up with any solutions to combat this issue? While it may have found a way to deal with the mere symptoms, (erectile dysfunction, loss of energy, loss of stamina), no pill exists that deals with the actual problem of a failure to produce enough testosterone.

That is, until the herbal supplemental market was able to answer with a product called Provacyl. Now, there are a lot that claim the product works, but there is one major drawback to this particular medication in this Provacyl review.

The Drawback to Provacyl

While Provacyl ingredients might be superior to basically anything else, even on the prescription market, the major headache for buyers is the fact that it isn’t available in stores.

This tends to be a gripe, because there is lessened convenience to buying this particular product. If convenience is very important for your buying experience, then you may want to talk to a pharmacist about what to do for Andropause.

Provacyl Ingredients

a box of provacylSome of the most notable of all the Provacyl ingredients are the ones that promote sexual health and hormonal stamina. For instance, Provacyl utilizes a compound called L-Arginine.

This is one of the most necessary of all Provacyl ingredients for the simple fact that it deals with one of the most important parts of fighting Andropause: sexual desire.

L-Arginine works by doing what Viagra or Cialis can’t, and that is permanently increase blood circulation to healthy levels.

So, instead of just “taking a pill” every time you want to have sex (making sexual encounters cost you around $40 a pop), you will simply be able to react.

Also, Provacyl includes Tyrosine into the mix. Tyrosine is a compound that is very influential in increasing overall metabolic rate, and getting it back to the healthy levels.

Metabolic rate is your ability to chemically process food calories (on a molecular level), in order to convert it to energy. When your testosterone drops, then so does your metabolism, and this is why you “cant’ run as fast as you used to”.

The Take

Overall, we would have to say that Provacyl is perhaps the best “anti-aging” herbal supplement on the market for a few reasons.

The main reason is that it is not dangerous. Most of the Provacyl review postings we’ve seen say that side effects are an extreme rarity, while those of prescription medications are expected. Provacyl side effects are nearly non-existant, because you are giving your body what it needs, rather than inhibiting a natural process in an unnatural way.

Our Provacyl review would have to suggest that this is a smart buy if you are a guy dealing with Andropause. You shouldn’t have to live without the sexual energy or desire for any longer. Read more about this product by visiting the official website.


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