Secrets of Becoming Confident With Women: Mastering Timidity

Hi, Your clothes would look better on my floor...

Gentlemen, we’ve all been there. There’s that one girl that you want to talk to, but just can’t seem to gain the gumption in order to do so.

She may be your childhood crush; she may be the hottest girl at the bar; she may be the most beautiful Star Wars nerd at the comic book convention; whatever the case may be, you may need to understand the, so called, secrets of becoming confident with women.

Now, many men believe that there’s a twelve-step program, or that there is a certain list of things to do and what not to do.

However, things are just not that simple, as secrets to dating confidence do not boil down to simple items. It really has to do with how you think, not what you think.

“That Guy”

Yep, we’ve all seen him. He’s “that guy” in high school who everyone picked on for being a nerd. He’s the one you would have thought could never get the ladies, but it is after college now.

girl ohh girlWho’s he walking around with? Is that a supermodel? Which babe is he going to bed with tonight? Gorgeous, sexy, desirable women just seem to surround him like a thick cloud, but how?

He’s mastered the secrets of becoming confident with women. This happens while the jocks and popular guys seem to have more troubles getting women, and even more troubles keeping them.

How does this happen? The most important of all the secrets of becoming confident with women is to simply be you.

Don’t hope or wish that you could sleep with any woman you want to; know that you can. Essentially, the prime secret to dating confidence is the “law of attraction”.

The law of attraction states that when you believe good things will happen to you if you make them happen, then good things will happen. If you do not take responsibility, and believe that good things will not happen, then you will make that come true. The focus centers on your own power to change your situation. The same goes with secrets of becoming confident with women.

Confidence In Bed

a couple in bed imagePerhaps the only thing stopping you from becoming that rock star is that you don’t actually want women to hop into bed with you.

Why is this the case? Often times, men simply have issues performing in bed.

When this happens, men subconsciously worry about the embarrassment involved in underperforming, which will automatically affect their confidence.

Women will always go with the more confident, if given the choice between two men. This primal instinct is what men must rely upon in order to have successful sex lives.

Essentially, having confidence and understanding the law of attraction is the key of all the secrets of becoming confident with women.

Unfortunately, men still struggle in bed, which means that there needs to be a solution. Struggling in bed has perhaps the worst known effect on confidence with women.

This happens more often than not, which sometimes goes beyond the secrets of becoming confident with women. Essentially, you may need a little extra help with that push to take control of your situation. In this case, there are a few ways to remedy the problem.

Among the best are herbal male enhancement supplements. Once you see how these can help you perform in bed, you will want to try on every beautiful girl you meet. This is one of the secrets of becoming confident with women that may put the law of attraction directly in your favor.


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