Semen Production: How Much Is Enough?

One thing that men as they get to a certain stage in their lives have to accept that they are not as virile as they once were, their bodies have changed and they quite often will experience low semen production and because of this they may have very limited and weak ejaculations. This can cause a lot of upset and frustration for both the man and his partner.

In your youth, semen production, sperm count and the quality of both should be at the very peak, once you are over 35 years of age this can slowly decline with age.

tshirt after semen production - comic imageOver time changes to the prostate and surrounding glands means that the semen volume will be considerably lower than it once was, while upsetting and frustrating for many, it is regretfully just the part and parcel of getting old and is nothing to worry about.

Another possible cause for a loss of semen production is excessive ejaculation.

The glands need time to produce more secretions, when you are young this can be relatively quick, however the older you are the longer this process takes to happen and it can take a good few days to restore your ejaculatory volume to its full potential.

How to Increase Semen Production?

It is advised to try and hold off from sexual intercourse and/or masturbation too often to give the body a chance to restore its semen production volume. Studies conducted have suggested that sperm count is the highest in the morning and afternoon. So if this is possible, try and save your sex attempts for the morning and you will find you will ejaculate more.

There are other contributing factors to a lack in sperm production; a slightly disregarded reason is dehydration. This is a very common cause but quite significant, as semen is a fluid secretion so the more hydrated you are the more semen you will produce.

Certain medications can also hamper semen production, health conditions such as diabetes and pelvic surgery. It is well worth a visit to an urologist for advice if you are worried.

A safe and successful solution could be to invest in a natural semen enhancing product such as Semenax. This supplement comes very highly recommend by medical professionals as well as being infamously used by world class porn stars, it is a natural formulation, its main active ingredients are L-arginine, Zinc and Mucuna Pruriens.

L-arginine in particular is noted for its effect on virility and other male enhancement features. One tablet a day will super charge your sex drive; improve stamina that you may now be lacking, increase the power and frequency of your ejaculations and produce strong, solid erections.

Just because your body isn’t as young as it used to be does not mean you still can’t have the sex life you used to. For more information on how to increase your semen production and how these herbal male enhancement pills could work for you, watch a video on Volume pills.


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