Sex in Strange Places

When it comes to sex in strange places, some people are able to reel off quite an impressive list of venues, while the rest of us have to do a little embellishing to our one and only "sex in strange places" story (especially if the strangest place we've ever had sex is the kitchen floor - of our own apartment!).

For some couples, however, the idea of sex in unusual places adds a certain frisson to their sex life, and whether or not they ever get to realize their fantasy it's something that can do wonders for their love-making.

While one couple might get aroused by the prospect of having sex in an elevator, another couple might see that as pretty ordinary and want to realize their sexual fantasy of making love in the washrooms at their favorite diner.

As for the sex, for some couples deep kissing and fondling in a public venue will be enough to get them aroused so that they have to hurry back and continue their love-making in the comfort of their own home. For others though, they will want to go a little further.

While couples might have differing views on the exact venue and location when it comes to sex in a strange place, most are turned on by the chance of getting caught.

Getting caught can add a hurried and frantic aspect to a couple's love-making, and it can also satisfy an exhibitionistic streak they, or one of them possesses: having sex in an unconventional place, one that's public (or more public than their bedroom), is about risk, chance, and daring.

This isn't, however, the same as having sex outdoors simply for the pure, sensual delights that that in itself can bring. Some couples just like making love outdoors: they don't want to be caught, or spied upon; and they don't want to satisfy any exhibitionistic streak.

They just want to feel the wind on their shoulders and the sun on their skin. Although that's not to say that the chance of someone stumbling across them as they converge with nature might not heighten their sexual experience though!

While it seems sensible to plan for sex in an unconventional venue, this would somehow seem to detract from the illicitness of it all. We've all seen how it is in the movies; passion takes a couple over until they're left panting and ready to explode and just have to do it there and then - wherever "there" is. And most sexual encounters in strange places are unplanned: in this sense, it really is like in the movies.

This is especially true for couples in a new sexual relationship. They find themselves on a bench by a lake, or having an intimate meal at a restaurant, and something as simple as stroking each other's hands and fingers can very soon lead to urgent tugging at each other's clothes, and then finding themselves squeezed in a cubicle in the restaurant washrooms dealing with their boiling passion (as quietly as they can, of course!).

Sex in strange places isn't just about risk, daring, and getting caught. It's also about spontaneity, that great passion inducer. We live life by rules, regulations, and conventions. We buy insurance, and save for rainy days.

When we get the chance to do something that's out of the ordinary and that makes us feel like someone we don't usually feel like, and we also get to do it with someone, whom at that particular moment in time we want to make love with more than anyone else in the world, there's little that can stop us. It doesn't matter where it is - even if it is just on the floor in our own kitchen!

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