SizeGenetics Device: Extender of the Future?

Almost all of the most ingenuities sexual and male enhancement tools were originally developed in hospitals and other medical institutions for therapeutic purposes, like the SizeGenetics device. It is not uncommon to find these devices in development to cure some kind of condition or disease, in which case, they stumbled upon an enhancement solution.

This is the best way to discover how to improve your life, and the developers of the SizeGenetics extender have been fortunate to stumble on such an opportunity. In which case, they took such a male enhancement opportunity and simply perfected it.
Thus, the SizeGenetics device was born from an idea.

How It Works

The SizeGenetics device does something that few other products have ever been able to accomplish. It offers the ability to attain permanent penis enlargement without a medical procedure and months of regular rituals.

For the first time in history, we now have a marketable option for permanent penis enlargement that is relatively affordable (compared to surgery), comfortable, and convenient. The SizeGenetics device is something that uses a vice, two spring-loaded rods, and a base.

Here’s how it works:

Have you ever just started a workout program and went to stretch? Wasn’t it difficult? You had very little range of motion right? Then, as you kept on stretching over a long time, you gained more range of motion.

sizegenetics device only small imageThe SizeGenetics device works the exact same way. It slowly stretches the tissue of the penis, causing painless micro tears and cell duplication.

Weeks go by after wearing it for a certain amount of time per day, and before you know it, you’re two inches longer than before.

This concept has been in use since the beginning, SizeGenetics only brought it to the penis.


There have been many SizeGenetics review posts that have been raving about the kind of progress they’ve been able to make, using the device. Now, many users who have worn it regularly experienced itching and slight burning in the beginning. This is actually a very good thing, because that means that the tissues are healing, cell duplication is occurring, and your manhood is growing.

Also, there have been many SizeGenetics review posts that have said it has “cured” their Peyronie’s Disease. In fact, the SizeGenetics device was actually developed under the understanding that this would cure the condition, while they only stumbled upon the fact that it will straighten, lengthen, and widen a normal man’s penis.

As we said before, many excellent enhancement products have been born out of a need to cure and lessen the severity of various “conditions”.

One of the most notable benefits about the SizeGenetics device is the fact that it is extremely comfortable (in fact, the most comfortable of its kind) and convenient. It can be worn under the clothes, but it is a little bit bulky to wear it to work. It is best worn in the comfort of the home. Also, your hands are not occupied doing exercises, which means that you can grow your penis, while you are doing the dishes, paying the bills, etc.

sizegenetics opened box imageThe Only Drawback

There is one catch. The device is more expensive than many guys can afford to pay. However, you are likely to spend this kind of money anyways.

Do keep in mind that a surgical procedure is going to run you thousands and thousands of dollars. So, that makes the SizeGenetics device a little bit more reasonable.

At the same time, many guys will opt for buying much cheaper devices. The SizeGenetics extender is both comfortable and durable, which means that you aren’t going to have to spend money on replacement parts and repairs.

In the long run, you’re going to be spending about $400 either way. For a limited time SizeGenetics offers $50 discount (the secret code is: SGSC50).

Click here to visit the official SizeGenetics website


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