Successful Penis Enlargement is Possible

In ages past a small penis was a source of embarrassment and shame. Not so much these days though, being dealt a small penis is an obstacle to overcome because now, with the advance of science and understanding it’s something we’re able to change.

Penis enlargement methods and techniques are nothing new. They’ve actually been around in one form or another for centuries. The difference though is thousands of men throughout the world are engaging and succeeding in lengthening their penises.

There are certain aspects of penis enlargement that any keen practiser should be aware of. Firstly, you’re going to need patience and persistence. The days come and go without anything to show except a mildly sore penis and a lot of time spent...

Be consistent though and rest assured the results you desire will come in time. You need to be aware of the growth rate of tissue, and that it sometimes plateaus before continuing to enlarge.

Many novices are impatient they think a single penis enlargement period per day isn’t enough to warrant successful growth. Adding an additional session has the opposite effect to the one desired, in actuality it has a detrimental effect on the growth of your penis tissue. They become exhausted and cease growth.

Successful penis enlargement is founded on regularity, intensity and consistency. This is why you should only perform on intense session per day. The tissues in you penis need recovery time, it’s during the period following the session that you’ll actually grow larger. This works on the exact same principle as muscle training in the gym.

Another common mistake that novices have to deal with is the presence of pubic hair. It gets in the way of both traction devices and manual enlargement exercise. Pulling a hair out by mistake is an incredibly painful experience whereas other men also claim the hair ruins their grip during the execution of the movement.

For best results you should clip the hair close to the skin or even shave it off totally. There’s no need to struggle your way through a session when such an easy remedy is available to ease the process.

Hair isn’t the biggest problem though. No man alive has total control of his penis you can’t simply spring a partial erection at will. Often during a session you’ll find yourself fully erect and quite unable to continue with the procedures.

The only real cure for this situation is to think about a non sexual activity or engage in something that doesn’t involve sex. Read a book, listen to the radio, and make a cup of tea, anything to hold your attention until the erection subsides.

Finally, don’t be tempted to measure the length of your penis too frequently. Doing so will only ruin your confidence and resolve as the gains in length will not come quickly and noticeably each day.

Rushing to lengthen the penis can result in loss of motivation, injury and many other blocking feelings. Getting the gains you desire is way more important than rushing and gaining nothing.

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