Things Women Wished Men Did Not Do In Relationships

Many women find that their partner engages in behavior they do not like. In fact, sometimes the way they act can drive women wild, but not in a sexy way. Men who bother to learn which behaviors to refrain from doing can improve their relationships with women.

Comparing them unfavorably to other women

Hearing men describe other women as the most beautiful, kind, talented or gorgeous can make them feel unloved and unappreciated. Women do not mind men talking highly of other women, but they do not want to be compared unfavorably.

Taking them for granted

When women make an effort to please their partner they want this to be acknowledged in the form of words of thanks or praise.

After they have spent hours making themselves beautiful for their men, or cooking a favorite meal, they do not want their kindness met with a blank stare and silence.

Talking over them

When men start dating women they tend to listen attentively to them, and would not dream of interrupting them in front of other people and talking over them.

However, as the relationship progresses they think nothing of ignoring what their partner has to say and overriding it loudly with their own words.

Letting manners slide

Although women can recognize and appreciate that their partner letting their hair down, when it comes to manners, is a sign that they are comfortable with them, things can go too far. When men let their beer belly hang out, belch like there is no tomorrow and pick their nose women are disgusted.

Spoiling their hard work

After women have cleaned a home they share with their partner they resent him kicking off his shoes, emptying his pockets and leaving his tools laying around for them to trip over. Seeing his mess litter where they have just tidied can make them frustrated.

Not communicating

Relationship experts have advised women for years to let their men return from work, put up their feet and enjoy peace and quiet when they get home from work because men do not like to talk about their day and share information. Women are tired of repressing their need to communicate and altering their behavior to suit men who, mostly, ignore them when they feel like it.

As you can see, there are many ways men can choose to alter their behavior and gain brownie points from their partner. Doing so can help make their relationship stronger and happier.


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