Things You Don’t Want To Do On Your First Date

You’re nervous, and your palms are sweaty. She or he is about to arrive at the place you had arranged, whether it was a blind date, online date, or someone you met at the Riverside Bar last Thursday.

In all this tension, it can be easy to get caught up in the moment, but what you don’t want to do is lose your wits. The thing about that first date is, you may not get a second chance.

The Way You Look Tonight

The first order of business is the absolute first appearance, the moment you see each other for the first time.

bearsIf you haven’t showered at this point, then you may as well cancel the date right off the bat. Ladies are smell-magnets.

They can catch a whiff of body odor from a mile off, which rival most predatory animals, so make sure you’re clean as a whistle.

Also, when in doubt, give one or two sprays of the Old Spice. (Don’t bathe in it, of course. Nothing signals that you’re trying to cover something up like a fallout plume of cologne.)

For ladies, it doesn’t really matter what you smell like, as long as your perfume doesn’t remind him of his grandmother.

Just make sure you aren’t wearing gym clothes, digital camouflage, or a t-shirt of your favorite pro wrestler. Men usually don’t want to feel upstaged in their manhood.

Saying “Hi” For the First Time

All right, here’s where body language comes in. Especially for you online daters, the first thing you do could mean what the whole date will be like.

Guys, if she suddenly looks at you like, “he must have used a picture of his junior year of high school”, then you’re smoked. At the same time, if her eyes start looking downwards, or she shows you the top of her head, then you might just be on to something. That body language suggests that she likes you.

Girls, if you’ve done the due diligence to take good pictures of yourself, then you probably have nothing to worry about. You will know he likes you if he shows slight, small signs of fidgeting. It’s because he’s now more nervous because you look good.

The best thing the both of you can do is walk up and give an awkward one-armed hug. Those will somewhat break the ice. However, first dates are loaded with a giant chunk of ice, roughly the size of which that sunk the Titanic. Don’t be scared, this is normal.

The Date

Gentleman, do not talk about your exploits, your adventures, your golf scores, your businesses, or your educational accomplishments. This makes you look like a knuckle dragger, and it’s very unattractive.

The key to making someone like you is to get them to talk about themselves. Ask lots and lots of fun questions, and don’t forget to smile!

Ladies, feel free to talk about yourself, because the first date is about you anyways. Just be warned, the guy is probably not listening. His mind is perhaps most preoccupied with trying not to blow it by letting you see the oregano that’s stuck in his teeth. Now have fun you kids, and buckle up!

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