VigRX Plus Compared To Vimax:
Apples and Oranges, Which Do You Prefer?

People who never board a flight like to make arbitrary comparisons to the two jumbo jet manufacturers, Boeing and Airbus. People who don’t drive expensive foreign cars like to compare Lamborghini to Ferrari.

These days, there’s an awful lot of chatter on the web, talking about the difference of VigRX to Vimax, but unfortunately, that’s not really going to get anyone anywhere.

These brand names are featured as the best penis enlargement pills out there. So, who’s better? The answer is rather simple: apples and oranges… which do you prefer?

It’s About Size, Stupid

All too often, we watch, dumbfounded at the TV commercials that seem to claim that they’ve got some wonder - pill that will grow your Johnson permanently.

However, the unfortunate part about this is the fact that they should be taken off the air for false advertising (but really, how do you stop them without admitting you’ve got a “size problem”?)

Why is this the case? The reason is because trying to increase the size of your penis permanently is a lot like taking bodybuilding supplements and hoping to have a body like Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 70’s. Not going to happen.

If you are trying to change the size of your body tissue, such as the size of your muscles and, yes, the tissues in your penis, you have to “stretch” them and work them out with exercises pushing more and even more blood to the genitals. The latter is the real purpose of Vimax and VigRX Plus.

Actually, in the battle of VigRX vs. Vimax, both have their strengths and weaknesses, but few realize that they will most likely deliver the same results in just about the same amount of time… but there’s a catch.

The Catch

You need to do some simple penis exercises on a regular basis, almost without fail. Now, the interesting part of the story is this, when you look at Vimax compared to VigRX Plus, you will find similarities.

For instance, both actually have a “workout program” to increase the size of your penis, the health of your penis, and even how it performs when you’re trying to run around the bases.

In fact, they are so confident in this particular workout program (probably because they’re using methods that have a few hundred years of verified success) that they call their bottles of the stuff as penis enlargement tablets.

These workout programs have been seen as extremely effective, and when paired up with either of the two products, you will get the fastest length and girth gain possible.

The Easy Way To Do This

Most of us, however, don’t have time to hit the gym, so how are we ever going to “workout our penises”? Well, if you are like most, then you’re probably in need of an option that frees up your hands.

These options are called “extenders”. In fact, in the question of VigRX Plus vs. Vimax, VigRX has partnered up with ProExtender, in order to get you a package deal. Vimax even has their own called the Vimax Extender.

These devices will literally “stretch” your penis automatically, meaning that you can pay the rent, chat online, or flip through thumbnail galleries while “taking care of daily business”. The only difference of VigRX to Vimax is going to be your quality to price ratio.

For instance, VigRX and the ProExtender are going to be a lot of money, but it is going to be more comfortable than the Vimax Extender, which sells for less money. But, dollar for dollar, they are about the same in terms of results and time. If you’ve got the money; however, we would recommend getting the comfy one.

One thing is certain, with both systems, you will have a larger penis, you will have more stamina, you will have a higher sex drive, and you will be producing more semen for more intense orgasms. Pornstars couldn’t complain with a deal like that.

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