Vimax Patch: Stuck On Male Enhancement

There is a great deal of skepticism revolving round male enhancement formulas, and for good reasons. It is very easy to claim that it will enhance your performance in bed, or that it will “make you a bigger man”, and all of the results could completely be in your head. This possible placebo affect could be accompanied as the main ingredient to many of these gimmicks and scams.

So, does the Vimax patch fall under that same category or is there something more to this particular male enhancement product? For starters, one would have to take a close look at the performance of the pills in order to see how the patch would do.

Vimax Pills and Effectiveness

The Vimax pills have had their more difficult days on the market as many people were expecting to gain massive erections upon just beginning their use, and when that did not happen, the consumers where rather irate and disappointed. They were, in fact, hoping that this would be an alternative to the expensive, Extenze. Well, it is not an alternative, as it performs a different function, and that is permanent male enhancement.

The Vimax patch offers those same promises, which is permanent male enhancement, and it will not be “fast acting”. The reason for this is that it is not meant to work quickly, as it is supposed to naturally grow the penis over a longer period of time.

patches from vimaxVimax Advantage

The beautiful part about the Vimax patch is the simple fact that it takes the strengths of the Vimax pills and eliminates the weaknesses.

One of the biggest reasons why people did not like the pills was because they thought that the pills were rather ineffective.

In pill form, the stomach acid actually destroys many of the ingredients, before they get a chance to be absorbed into the body. Also, pills tend to only work in spurts on a faster acting basis, making a natural “build up” a difficult prospect.

However, the Vimax patch will literally bypass the digestive system altogether, introducing the herbal supplements directly into the bloodstream through the skin. This has immense implications, as every little bit of those ingredients can now be absorbed. Also, there is a continuous, yet slow, absorption, as nothing is being quickly digested. So, the slow process can work more efficiently.

Now, the patch will only provide part of the help, as this is something that will also require certain exercises. To often, companies promise results by not including other requirements. Unfortunately, Vimax lets on that you simply apply the patch and “watch it grow”, but to most, we know that’s fiction.

The Procedure

If you are using the Vimax patch, you need to make sure that you are also doing penis exercises, and these will be supplied by Vimax as well. The thing that the Vimax patch will do is make sure that enough blood is flowing where it needs to go in order to make these exercises effective enough to cause micro tears and cell duplications, which ultimately cause permanent penis growth. This is the purpose of Vimax patch systems.


If you are looking for a supplement that is “fast acting” and will give you absolutely intense sexual performance, then you might simply want to go with something else. But, if you are looking for an option that is “slow acting”, then you will want to go with the Vimax patch for the simple fact that it is currently one of the most effective options on the market for permanent male enhancement. You simply cannot go wrong.

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