Andro Extender: Sizing Up the Results

Many men would absolutely love to change the length of their penises. In fact, that statistic reaches all the way up to 70% of men. With over half of men wishing that their manhood were larger, isn’t it no wonder why there are so many companies out there that are developing ways to extend penis size?
On the market, you can find everything from pills to pumps, claiming that they can forever change the size of your manhood, but these have been found to be gimmicks. Unfortunately, the market has been rather tainted with the realization that it is easy to get away with a phony product, stiffing men for their hard earned cash on hopes of a more satisfying sex life for them and their partners. Is it such a crime to wish to change nature? The answer is… nope.

That is why companies like Andro are coming out with products like the Andro Extender. This little device is an interesting one, as it utilizes facts that we’ve known about the human body all along. How does the Andro Extender work? What principles does it utilize to extend penis size permanently? And is it a scam or the real deal?

The Concept

The concept behind the Andro Extender is simple. Have you ever done stretching before a workout? Actually, the better question is, have you ever started a new stretching routine?

If you have, you will notice early on that how far you can stretch is rather minimized, but as your stretching continues over a period of weeks and months, that you can stretch farther and for longer periods of time. Why is this the case? It is because the tendons and muscles that you were stretching were involved in cell duplication due to micro tears. Essentially, you caused your muscles to grow longer.

The same concept goes for the Andro Extender. Over a long period of time, the constant stretching of your penis actually causes micro tears, which lead to cell duplication and permanent growth. Of course, these micro tears do not hurt, and the most discomfort you will feel is slight itching in the beginning as your penile muscles heal from the “workout”.

Essentially, the Andro Extender is a product that fits the head in a comfortable vise, and extends it out by lightly forcing it against the base, stretching out the shaft of the penis. The end result is that you are likely to gain .2 of an inch per week of regular and consistent use.

The Andro Drawback

This product has been proven to work, but the Andro Extender does have some drawbacks. The vise could be a bit more comfortable for the user. If the product is not completely comfortable, then the user will not wear it, completely defeating the purpose.

Also, there are too many parts to keep track of. The Andro Extender can get a bit confusing at times, and it may be easy to break. Is there a superior alternative that does the exact same thing? Yes.

One of the best products that will be extremely comfortable, yet simple to use, is going to be the ProExtender system. This product can be located on, and it has a track record of excellent feedback, excellent user reviews, and excellent clinical trials.

The men who use the ProExtender almost always report consistent and always permanent growth. While the Andro Extender is certainly worth it, we simply feel as if the ProExtender system is better worth your hard earned dollars. Do your research, and permanently change your sex life for the better.


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