What Sex Positions Burn the Most Calories?

Of all the things in the world to multitask with, sex is probably one of the most satisfying. Usually, a workout is something you’re trying to get through because it’s unpleasant. Obviously, the opposite is true in terms of using sex to get a great workout.

Finding sex positions for burning calories can be very fun for you and your partner, but there are also some interesting effects when you do get a workout while having sex. The body is a wonderful thing, is it not?

The Anatomical Basics

When trying to determine what sex positions burn the most calories, you have to figure out what puts the most strain and tension on your muscles, making them work harder to “thrust”. For women, the inverse is true.

Now, the interesting part about sex positions for weight loss is the fact that you instinctually move during sex. While it may take work to do pushups, intercourse often comes naturally. So, if you find yourself in a “high-resistance” position, which forces you to work while having satisfying sex, you are in the middle of a massive calorie burn.

Forcible Positions

The key is to fight gravity, so that means the missionary position is out. There are lots of names for these various sex positions, but essentially, the ones that work your legs are the best.

So, sex positions for burning calories are going to be the ones where at least one of you are either suspend or standing up. For beginners (if you don’t feel like passing out during sex) you may want to simply start out with both of you standing.

The most effective way is for the man to penetrate from behind, as the “missionary” counterpart of this position would almost require her to stand on a stool or sit on a countertop.

There are a few interesting sex positions for weight loss, but there is one that involves the man hanging by his arms and his feet propped up on the chair or bed. From there, she mounts on top, and he must thrust his body upward. This is extremely exotic, but ones like this will leave both of you very much out of breath and extremely satisfied.

Various props are also valuable for this. For instance, for the best sex positions for burning calories, you might want to find a rocking chair at With this method, the man needs to place his upper back on the rocking chair, suspending her lower body with this legs bent to the floor. Then the woman mounts, and both must fight gravity and even the resistance of the rocking chair.

Interesting Facts

Did you know that faking an orgasm would burn more calories than having a real one? When you fake, your body actually works harder to exaggerate emanation of having an orgasm. So, ladies, if you find that you’re just not there tonight, you may as well go ahead and burn some calories while you’re at it. Just don’t do that too often, or other problems may arise.

One of the best parts about what sex positions burn the most calories is the fact that when both of you are done, then endorphins are flowing like crazy. Not only do you get an endorphin boost from having a workout, you get one from having satisfying sex. When the two powers combine, you get one amazing experience.

There are fewer things sexier than for both of you to lie on the floor out of breath, dripping with sweat, and with satisfied smiles on your faces. You probably won’t miss this workout program for the world.

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