23 Things You Didn’t Know About Human Sexuality

Human beings are highly complex creatures in general, and our sex lives are no exception to this rule. We exhibit a range of intriguing differences from other members of the animal kingdom, and the sexual inclinations of men and women can differ quite substantially as well.

Since it is becoming more and more commonplace to be frank and open about sexual preferences and behaviors, we have recently learned a wide range of interesting and surprising facts about the psychology and physiology of intimate relationships and desires. Read on to discover 23 fascinating things that you didn’t know about human sexuality.

1) You may think that elderly couples have left their sex lives behind long ago, but studies on sexual activity have revealed that this assumption is false. On the contrary, around 33% of women over the age of eighty still have regular sex, and 65% of men of the same age have sex at least once a week.

2) Most men can become fully aroused in just five minutes, while the average female takes more than twenty minutes to become entirely aroused. This helps to explain the stereotype that women prefer more lengthy foreplay sessions.

3) Although most people simply assume that men are generally hungry for any opportunity to have sex, 15% of men admit that they felt pressured into having sex when they lost their virginity.

4) Women tend to get a bad reputation for faking orgasms, and studies show that close to half of all women will openly admit to having faked an orgasm at least one time. However, studies also show that around the same number of men admit to having faked an orgasm, which undermines the commonplace assumption that women are more disingenuous about their climaxes.

5) Having sex once a week or more makes a man around 30% less likely to develop heart disease.

6) People tend to underestimate the extent to which sexually transmitted infections are problematically common. In truth, one in four Americans has a sexually transmitted disease at any given time.

7) Although the correlation has yet to be fully explained, studies show that men who watch porn that features at least one man will reliably produce more sperm than men who watch lesbian pornography or solo female pornography.

8) Extensive research on infidelity has shed some light on the conditions that make women more likely to stray from their primary partners. Specifically, it seems that women are most likely to cheat in the middle of their menstrual cycles, when they are releasing an egg and are maximally fertile.

9) When a woman is close to orgasm, her vagina decrease in size by 25-30%.

10) On average, six minutes of sexual intercourse is enough to bring a man to orgasm.

11) Between the ages of twenty and seventy, an average human being will spend close to 600 hours having sex.

12) Sperm can help to improve the condition of your skin and delay the signs of aging. It contains proteins that tighten skin and reduce the prominence of wrinkles.

13) The vibrator was first designed in the 19th century, but it was not specifically designed to cause sexual pleasure. Its purpose was to ‘reduce hysteria’ in pre-menstrual women.

14) Surveys on sexual orientation show that approximately 1% of the population claims to be asexual, feeling no strong sexual attraction to males or females.

15) The average man ejaculates approximately 18 quarts of semen during his lifetime.

16) Although most women find it more difficult to climax than their male counterparts do, the female orgasm is substantially longer than the male orgasm.

17) Surveys show that less than half of all Americans consider themselves to be appropriately satisfied by their sex lives.

18) Studies on female satisfaction show that most women either cannot orgasm during intercourse or take more than twenty minutes to do so. In contrast, most women report that they are able to climax within just five minutes of masturbation.

19) The average man’s penis reaches five and a half inches when erect, and is roughly three and a half inches when flaccid.

20) Men who have sex at least once a week are around 50% less likely to suffer from a stroke.

21) 90% of men admit to masturbating on occasion, but only 65% of women admit to doing the same. It is as yet unclear whether this is because female masturbation is still something of a taboo, or because it genuinely is less common for women to masturbate.

22) In 2008, it was discovered that the average sperm count was nearly 30% lower than it was thirty years previously.

23) Viagra was released in 1998, and within just three months of being on the market it had generated more than $400 million dollars in profits.


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